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Mühlen Türkiye

Mühlen DB 3352

Stylish and Compact and High Quality Cash Drawer

Intensive Use and Creative

Specially designed for intensive use, MÜHLEN DB 3352 cash drawer model is extra resistant to any kind of impact, fall and break with its reinforced steel structure. Our model has a stylish and creative design and is designed for use in high density retail stores, banks, gas stations and restaurants.

100% Success in High Quality

Having achieved 100% success in over 3 million on-off tests, the MÜHLEN DB 3352 is built to last without compromising its creative appearance. Our model, which is more durable than other models in its class, works without losing its first day performance in long term use.

Convenient Cash Drawers

It is very compact thanks to a removable 8-digit coin drawer and 5 variable-width paper money racks and a hidden coin slot. However, since the paper money drawers are produced in an upright position, they take up a smaller space and provide a much more compact structure to the model.

Telescopic Rail System

Thanks to the telescopic rail system, the model is softly touched off and on. This system ensures that the drawer can be opened and closed softly in any case.

In addition, the Mühlen DB 3352 is made of reinforced steel, making it more durable against all kinds of shocks and stresses.

Strong Body Structure and 3 Point Lock

Covered with scratch-resistant white anti-static oven paint, the model has an extremely strong steel body structure. In addition, the 3-point secure lock (Open, Closed, Automatic) system provides the user with an extremely flexible use.

In addition, the inner coin eyes, which are produced from special PVC material, have an extra reinforced structure against all kinds of impacts, falling and breaking.

Easy Cash Register Connection

DB 3352 model can be easily used in almost all cash register models and can be easily integrated into the case with the connection cable.

By pressing the cash button on the cash register, the drawer opens automatically. The user can also open and close the drawer with the help of a key.

Modern and Stylish Design

Our model, which is produced without any screws, is designed to be used visually in all kinds of stores.

Produced with modern and stylish contemporary design, Mühlen DB 3352 model cash drawer can be used without losing any of its white color and appearance even after years.


  • Compact and creative design with black stripe over white
  • Stylish and handy design coated with electro-static white paint
  • Soft and touch on / off with telescopic rail
  • Automatic drawer with cash register connection
  • Monolithic design without screws or welding
  • Special mechanical parts for intensive use
  • Inner eyes made of reinforced PVC
  • Over 3 million open and close quality tests
  • Scratch-resistant electro-static oven paint
  • 8 removable coin eyes
  • 1 hidden money entry slot
  • Automatic or switch-on drawer opening and closing
  • Hidden and closed opening mechanism under the drawer
  • Changeable widths of 5 paper currency shelves
  • 3-stage lock structure (open, closed, automatic)
  • 24 months warranty


  • Soft and touch on / off with telescopic rail
  • 3-stage lock structure (open, closed, automatic)
  • Over 3 million on / off quality tests
  • Scratch-resistant electro-static oven paint
  • Black stripe on white body

Physical Properties

  • Net Weight: 9.5 kg
  • Net Dimensions: 33 cm x 40.8 cm x 11.2 cm
[:tr]Şık ve Kompakt ve Yüksek Kalite Para Çekmecesi[:en]Stylish and Compact and High Quality Cash Drawer[:de]Eine kompakte und hochwertige Kassenschublade[:ar] أنيق ومضغوط ودرج مال عالي الجودة[:]