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Mühlen Elegant VL-602

Fully Automatic A3 Laminating Machine

High Speed ​​A3 Size Laminating Machine

For A3 and smaller-sized documents, the highest speed ever produced with high German technology, the VL-602 has a coating speed of 1500mm per minute laminating film. Specifically designed for intensive use, the model has been designed to the finest detail.

Automatic Film Thickness Detection

The model is capable of hot and cold lamination and has a fully automatic system that automatically detects film thicknesses between 75 ~ 250 microns and adjusts the speed and temperature accordingly with Auto-Sense technology. In addition, the user can also manually adjust the temperature via the touch key panel.

Automatic and Manual Stall Prevention

With the fully automated Jam-Free, technology, MÜHLEN VL-602 does not, under any circumstances, compress or burn laminating films to their rollers. Film Auto-Reverse system will automatically return the film to jam. However, in any case, the REW button allows the user to retrieve the film at any time.

6 Cylinder Special Design

Special design The model with 6 cylinders has the feature of lamination coating without any creasing and scratching, at one time and quickly, with excellent brightness and firmness.

Thanks to the 6 cylinders developed, the coated films guarantee water, dust and air permeability.

Creative Design and Touch Keypad

The model has a very stylish and creative design, but also the touch keypad.

In addition to the touch panel, instant temperature display as well as automatic-manual operation, rewind and manual temperature adjustment keys are available.

75 ~ 250 Micron Film Coating

The model, which is ready for fast heating and film coating between 30 ~ 60 seconds, has the feature of coating smoothly lamination film with ultra brightness between 75 ~ 250 micron (x2 = 150-500).

The model, which automatically detects the film thickness, automatically adjusts the speed and temperature accordingly.

Auto Standby Mode

The machine has a feed inlet width of 334 mm and puts itself into automatic standby mode for ease of use and energy saving when not in operation.

It also turns itself off if it doesn’t run for 30 minutes to save extra energy.


  • Special use for pictures, cards and documents of A3 and smaller size
  • World’s highest speed lamination coating with 1500mm / min
  • Excellent gloss lamination with 6 roller system
  • Automatic film thickness detection and lamination
  • Automatic temperature adjustment according to the film thickness it detects
  • Does not compress, glue and burn with Jam Anti-Jam technology
  • Ultra bright, smooth, durable film coating in one pass
  • Lamination between 75 ~ 250 (x2) microns
  • Automatic and manual temperature determination
  • Fast warm-up time between 30 ~ 60 seconds
  • Hot and cold lamination options
  • Feed opening width of 334mm
  • User-friendly with touch keypad
  • LED panel showing instant temperature
  • Automatic anti-jamming technology
  • 334 mm inlet feed width
  • Special design for intensive use
  • Automatic document detection and startup
  • Manual anti-jamming system
  • Automatic stop when document finishes
  • Manual rewind button
  • 24-month warranty


  • Fastest lamination coating in the world
  • Automatic film thickness detection
  • 1500mm per minute coating
  • For A3 and smaller documents
  • Ultra-gloss lamination with 6 rollers
  • 75 ~ 250 micron film coating
  • Warm up time between 30 ~ 60 seconds

Physical Properties

  • Package Dimensions: 583 * 216 * 283mm
  • Machine Dimensions: 480 * 203 * 127 mm
  • Gross Weight: 8,5kg.
  • Net Weight: 6,7kg.
  • Power Consumption: 1400 Watt
[:tr]Tam Otomatik A3 Laminasyon Makinesi[:en]Fully Automatic A3 Laminating Machine[:de]Eine vollautomatische A3 Laminier Maschine[:ar]آلة تنقية A3 آليا بالكامل[:]