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Mühlen Kasse

Banknote Counter

Three Screens & Silent Operation

The MÜHLEN Kasse, a banknoter counter machine with the lowest operating silence, was developed to count coins such as TL, USD, EURO, GBP.

In addition to its silence, this model has the most accurate money counting feature in its class, detecting counterfeit and suspicious money during the counting and alerts the user in voice and text.

Designed for All World Coins

MÜHLEN Kasse money counting machine, specially developed for TL, USD, EURO, GPB and all other world currencies, is equipped with special detectors such as IR-MG-MT-UV-DD and takes extra precautions against missing, incorrect and suspicious money entries.

In this way, our model that catches 100% counterfeit money also makes 100% error-free and net counting.

Perfect Counting Systems

MÜHLEN Kasse provides 100% accurate counting results at one time thanks to perfect counting systems. Thanks to the unique systems in the model, it is designed to provide flawless service for many years by counting without fail and error each time.

100% Counterfeit Money Capture Rate

Thanks to the integrated 4-layer counterfeit money detection systems, it detects 100% counterfeit money and warns the user by voice and text.

The model offers a very safe system as soon as it detects counterfeit money, stops the counting and warns the user.

Functional Display Systems

The 360-degree rotating main screen is designed for both the user and the customer to easily see the counting result from any angle.

However, it provides more visual opportunities to users and customers with its side and external screen. The external display is placed on the counter with a long cable, allowing the customer to easily see the counting result.

Customize Adjustments

Numeric keypads can easily adjust stacking and set individual sensitivity levels for each detector.

The Mühlen Kasse model, which allows you to set your machine as a manual counting mode according to your wishes in special cases, provides wide viewing angle thanks to its double screen.

Different Size Money Warning Detectors

With the 2D system used in this model, the money counting machine easily recognizes the coins that have different widths in the given stack and warns the user in voice and text.

What the user has to do is to take the money of different size from the counting chamber and press the reset button to continue the counting. In addition, the model has coin thickness technology separate from the mechanical system to prevent double coin transfer.

Technical Specifications

  • Accurate counting of coins such as TL, EURO, USD, GBP
  • Fake capture of up to 100% on all currencies
  • 100% cut and clear count on all currencies
  • Counterfeit detection with UV, MG, MT, IR and DD systems
  • Fake money testing at 23 points for each currency
  • Alerting the user to voice and text
  • Super silent money counting feature
  • Detecting different dimensions with 2D technology
  • 360 degree rotating LCD main screen
  • Fixed and mixed stacking feature
  • Adjustable detector sensitivity level
  • Three-screen system for viewing from any point
  • 250 banknote feeding inputs
  • Automatic and manual counting
  • Fast and accurate counting technology
  • 1500 banknotes per minute
  • Counting all world currencies
  • 24 months guarenteed


  • Silent and long life mechanical system
  • Counting all the world’s money
  • Fake capture of all world currencies
  • Fake detection with UV, MG, MT, IR, 2D system
  • 3 different counting screens with all-over view
  • Detecting different size coins

Physical Properties

  • Weight: 7,5 kg.
  • Dimensions: 305 x 256 x 180 mm.
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