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Mühlen CD-400

Electric Riveting and Binding Machine

Financial Riveting and Binding Machine

Particularly product catalogs, model catalogs, archive documents, such as materials, single or more points provided that the binding process is performed. The model, which has a different operating system compared to other binding machines, works with nylon tube pressing and riveting system.

Riveting up to 4cm Thickness

Easily grasping, with double arm system with drilling and riveting, MÜHLEN CD-400 model can rivet all documents between 1 and 40 mm, and with its specially developed thermal riveting nail, the riveting process can be started quickly by reaching sufficient heat in 15 seconds.

Improved Mechanical System Structure

Thanks to the extra-strong drilling and riveting system, it is specially designed with German engineering for all high-density operations. The model, which performs the whole process in separate ways, performs binding, tube inserting and cutting and riveting operations from the extra separated system structure.


Fast Riveting

The Mühlen CD-400 model, which works with electricity, performs the thermal document riveting in a short time such as 15 seconds.

In addition, the body and interior parts made of steel are manufactured to serve for many years thanks to the construction. Heat and impact resistant steel riveting nail is guaranteed for 5 years and is ideal for use all day long.

Automatic Riveting and Binding

The model with automatic rivet hole drilling and automatic rivet tube adjustment and cutting system is extremely easy to use.

In move 1, you open the rivet hole on the document, and in move 2, the plastic tube snaps into the rivet hole. After this process, and lastly, by heating both ends of the plastic tube inserted into the document, it provides expansion and tightening.

Improved Warning and Warning Systems

Thanks to its warning and warning system, it has the ability to warn the user with light and sound when it is ready for operation.

In addition, the Mühlen CD 400 binding machine automatically shuts down after completion of the process and warns the user in an audible and illuminated manner.

Setting Margins

The model, which allows the adjustment of the front and the margins, leaves the riveting process within the millimeter escaping from the corners completely at the user’s preference.

In this way, catalog and other document binding operations are performed in desired size and quality. In addition, it will automatically switch off after 25 minutes when not in use with the energy saving system.


  • Catalog, invoice, batch document automatic riveting machine
  • Fully automatic, punching, tube threading and riveting function
  • Easy to grip, drilling and riveting double arm system
  • Material used: Plastic riveting tube
  • User friendly with audible and illuminated warning system
  • 1 ~ 40 mm thick rivet
  • Margin adjustment between 10 ~ 25mm
  • Riveting speed every 15 seconds
  • Standby mode with power saving system
  • Automatic standby after 25 minutes
  • Removable waste bin container
  • 5 mm hole drilling diameter
  • 120 Watt power consumption
  • 24 months full warranty


  • Automatic thermal riveting machine
  • Riveting Thickness: 1 ~ 40mm
  • Riveting speed: 15 seconds
  • Margin adjustment: between 10 ~ 25mm
  • Power saving mode

Physical Properties

  • Package Size: 456x375x337
  • Gross Weight: 11.1 Kg.
  • Net Weight: 10 Kg.
  • Power: 120 Watt
[:tr]Elektrikli Perçinleme ve Ciltleme Makinesi[:en]Electric Riveting and Binding Machine[:de]Die elektrische Niet- und Bindungsmaschine[:ar]آلة تجليد وتجليد كهربائية[:]