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Mühlen Säge PRO A4

Professional Guillotine Machine (A4 Size)

High Capacity

With high German engineering, the MÜHLEN Säge Pro A4 is designed to cut up to 400 sheets of paper (80g A4) in one operation. It is both powerful and easy to use. You’ll notice the high quality of this machine right out of the box.

Functional Trays

The user can easily adjust the size of the documents he wants to cut, both thanks to his non-slip feet when placed on a desk and the tray surface and metric-scaled cutting tray. Thanks to the auxiliary and openable tray, it cuts much clearer and smoother.

Special Steel Cutting Blade

MÜHLEN The Säge Pro A4 model is made of special steel with a hardened cutting blade, which maintains the sharpness of the first day without loss of performance for many years. In addition, time performance is doubled, provided that both surfaces of the cutting blade are used.


Strong Steel Body and Parts

PRO-A Guillotine machine is designed extremely durable. The body of the machine is made of heavy steel and the cutting blade is made of hardened special steel. The cutting process includes heavy-duty, extra-long metal handle and adjustable side gauge.

The cutting accuracy of the model is unbeatable. The computer-generated grid cutter PRO-A4 in cm gives you perfect cuts every time.

Maximum Security Measure

The Mühlen PRO A4 paper cutter includes a locking mechanism for two-handed operation. This helps keep users’ hands or fingers completely away from the blade.

In addition, the safety cover function allows the machine to stay away from the hand and fingers in the blade compartment.

400 Sheets at a Time

The document cutter cuts 400 documents smoothly and accurately at one time thanks to a hardened sharp blade designed to easily meet all your cutting needs.

The 320 mm cutting blade width cuts and organizes materials such as paper and photos in A4 and smaller sizes.


Mühlen The Säge PRO A4, arm guillotine machine easily cuts 400 sheets of 80g paper in one go. The precision of the paper cutter is unbeatable.

In addition to its scratch-coated surface, the adjustable side gauge and robust clamping system ensure a clean and straight cut every time.


  • A4 size and smaller documents, pictures, cards and so on. cutting regulation
  • Cutting A4 and smaller documents with 320mm cutting blade length
  • A4 size vertical and horizontal cutting up to 400 sheets at one time
  • Professionally machined and mounted steel blade rail
  • Professionally machined and assembled steel blade assembly
  • Preventing documents from slipping with clamping clamps
  • Computer generated Grid for precise cuts (mm)
  • Surface is protected with scratch resistant coating
  • Customized hardened precision steel blade at the factory
  • Straight and smooth cut in book print quality
  • Non-slip pad feet for table top use
  • Safety cover reduces risk of injury to zero
  • Zero risk of injury due to safety catch
  • Paper, photo, card, plastic, etc. cutting objects
  • Best Cut Size: A4 B5 A5 B6 B7 Paper
  • Easy to use with one-piece body structure
  • Easy to use with cutting blade holder
  • Functionally adjustable support tray
  • Heavy steel body and component structure
  • 24 months full warranty


  • A4 Size Heavy Duty
  • 320 mm Cutting Blade Mouth
  • Double Sided Cutting Blade Structure
  • 400 leaves can be cut at one time
  • Strong steel body and component structure

Physical Properties

  • Gross Weight: 18 Kg.
  • Carton Dimensions: 65×44,5×29 cm
[:tr]Profesyonel Giyotin Makinesi (A4 Boyutu)[:en]Professional Guillotine Machine (A4 Size)[:de]Die professionelle Schneidemaschine (A4 Format)[:ar]آلة المقصلة المهنية (A4 حجم)[:]