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Mühlen Jet 3

Coin Counting and Sorting Machine

No Faster 1500 Piece / Minute

Mühlen Jet3, the fastest coin counting machine in its class in the world, has been designed using the latest technologies. Thanks to the counting speed of up to 1500 per minute, 1 bucket can count the mixed coins in minutes.

Fastest Coin Counting Machine

Mühlen Jet3 model counts 3 times faster than the others. The model, which reaches to 1500 coins per minute, is designed as a liberating model for intensive coin counting companies.

Counting and Sorting Coins

Mühlen Jet3 model, which has the ability to count coins placed in the feed hopper at high speed and without error, provides reliable results by counting 100% accurately with the steel rail system installed in it.


Double Deck Feeding and Counting System

With the double layer system separating the feed and counting tray, it prevents overloading of the main motor and flows the required amount of coins from the feed chamber to the counting chamber.

In this way, without any congestion, the machine counts much faster as well as possible errors are reduced to zero.

Detailed Reporting

With the display of the total amount simultaneously during the counting, you can easily monitor the flow of money.

In addition to the total amount, with the help of the “REPORT” button, you can see in detail which coins are escaping.

100% Accurate Counting

Completely accurate and fast counting, MÜHLEN Jet3 has a specially developed steel rail system for accurate counting.

In this way, the counting is performed without any tripping or double counting during the counting.

Stacking System | Large Feed Hopper

The user can set the stacking amount of the desired value between 0 ~ 999.

Unlike other machines in its class, the Jet3 has the largest and widest supply and counting chambers, making it ideal for dense and high amounts.


  • High speed coin counting (Max. 1500 Pieces / Minute)
  • Extra-fast counting with double-deck feed counting chamber
  • Double layer system with zero error and 100% accurate counting result
  • Easier cleaning with removable hopper
  • Displaying the result of the count at the time of counting
  • Recognized values: 1, 0.50, 0.25, 0.10, 0.05
  • Low counting noise ratio thanks to unique supply chamber
  • World’s fastest coin counting machine in its class
  • Free counting or stacking
  • Constant and mixed stacking between 0 ~ 999 for each value
  • Displaying the number and value of values ​​with the report system
  • Clear all counts in memory with clear key
  • Small size / portable and easy to carry
  • Does not engage and jam with steel rail system
  • Large feeding hopper between 1000 ~ 2000
  • Large counting box hopper 250 ~ 500 pieces
  • 24 months full warranty


  • Up to 1500 counts per minute
  • Double deck system, zero breakdown
  • Accurate counting with steel rail system
  • Large feeding and counting hoppers
  • Small and easy to carry

Physical Properties


  • Dimensions: 302 X 278 X258 mm
  • Weight: 5 Kg.


  • Dimensions: 230 X 230 X 210 mm
  • Weight: 0,60 Kg.


  • Home Screen: 7 Digit (Large)
  • Deck Display: 3 Digit (Small)
  • Suitable Ambient Temperature: 0 ° C40 ° C
  • Suitable Ambient Humidity: 30-80%
  • Power Consumption: <60W
[:tr]Madeni Para Sayma ve Ayrıştırma Makinesi[:en]Coin Counting and Sorting Machine[:de]Zähl- und Sortierungsmaschine für Münzen[:ar]جهاز مهلان جيت ٣ لعد النقود الفكة وفرزها[:]