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Mühlen TP 460

Compact and Top Opening Cash Drawer

Top Door Cash Drawer

The MÜHLEN TP 460 cash drawer model that makes a difference with its top opening design provides an extra ease of use with its ergonomic structure. Offering a wide range of usage, our model is specially designed for stores and offices of any density.

Outstanding Success in Quality Tests

The TP 460 is an excellent model for intensive use and has achieved over 3 million on-off tests. As a result of opening and closing tests, it was observed that there was no deterioration and wear in the cash drawer. MÜHLEN TP 460 is designed to work without loss of performance for many years.

Compact and Powerful Design

The model has a strong and stylish design with its steel body structure coated with scratch-resistant anti-static oven paint and the top cover made of stainless steel.

Flexible Lock System

It provides maximum security and flexible structure to the user with its advanced 3-stage lock system (open, closed, automatic).

The user can close and open the cash drawer automatically or with the help of a key depending on the cash register.

Cash Register Compatibility

Thanks to its 1.5 meter cable and RJ11 port connected to it, MÜHLEN TP 460 model can be connected to cash registers easily and works smoothly on all models.

With the cash button on the cash register, the drawer door opens quickly and easily with a gentle automatic opening.

Organized Money Racks

The Mühlen TP 460 is a user-friendly model with a large and easy-to-organize partition system. There are 6 coin racks and 8 coin compartments as well as 1 hidden coin slot. Thanks to the vertical shelf system, the money compartments can be moved easily. In addition, all of the internal cash drawers can be easily removed.

Wide range of uses

Thanks to its ergonomic and stylish design, the model can be used by all retail and wholesale stores.

The model, which has 2 spare keys, aims at high customer satisfaction with its convenient system.


  • Ergonomic and compact size for use in all areas
  • Lifetime use with reinforced steel body structure
  • Extra ease of use with top opening door system
  • User-adjustable width shelf system
  • Upright shelves, small and organized space
  • Flexible use option with 3-stage lock mechanism
  • More than 3 million successful quality tests
  • 8 coin racks, 6 paper money racks
  • 1 hidden coin slot
  • Complete removable, in-drawer coin racks
  • Automatic drawer opening with drawer
  • Steel body, black colored anti static oven paint
  • Almost all cash register compatible structure
  • Top cover made of stainless steel
  • Open the drawer with manual switch
  • High mechanical strength
  • Fall and impact resistant body structure
  • 24 months full warranty


  • Compact top opening system
  • 8 pieces of paper, 6 pieces of coins
  • Over 3 million on / off tests
  • Small size and large internal volume
  • 3-stage lock system

Physical Properties

  • Clear dimensions: Width 46cm, Depth 17cm, Height 10cm
  • Carton dimensions: Width 51cm, Depth 22cm, Height 16cm
  • Net Weight: 4 kg
  • Gross weight: 4,5 kg
[:tr]Kompakt ve Üstten Açılır Para Çekmecesi[:en]Compact and Top Opening Cash Drawer[:de]Eine Kompakte und oben öffnende Kassenschublade[:ar]أعلى درج فتح النقدية النقدية [:]