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Mühlen Pointer 2

Counterfeit Money Control Machine

Counterfeit Money Control Machine

Developed exclusively for Turkish Lira, the Pointer 2 counterfeit money checker detects and checks even old, worn and new freckles quickly and flawlessly. With 100% counterfeit money control, the model works with Safe-Real technology at one time and without error.

Enhanced RGB & 3D Technologies

MÜHLEN Pointer 2, which can accept money from 4 directions, tests the money without error with automatic detection sensors at one time without having to put the money properly. After that, it displays the value of the money it checks on the screen. If the money is counterfeit, the machine returns the money by giving consecutive beeps and typing ERROR on the screen.

Reporting Feature

The MÜHLEN Pointer 2 model, which has a detailed reporting system, shows the user how much money has been tested as a result of the counting. This model has 2 different testing modes. The first method tests by adding coins with the insertion mode, and the second method performs the operation by resetting itself each time. So it only displays the last test money on the screen.

100% Counterfeit Money Detection

With advanced UV, MG, MT, IR & CIS technology, it checks 100% counterfeit money at 34 points, back and front.

When the counterfeit money is detected, the user is warned by voice and in writing while the values ​​of real money are displayed on the screen.

Long Life Battery (Optional)

The model, which is used with the help of the adapter, is supplied to our customers with battery option for the users who need it.

With the Li-On battery, which is preferred for outdoor use (for those who want to buy it, it is subject to an extra charge), you can use this model outdoors for a long time and you can easily use it in case of power cuts and emergencies.

Lifetime Update

Our company offers lifetime update guarantee for newly issued and updated coins and offers the possibility to easily update the model with the help of USB.

With the guarantee of lifetime update on all our products, we aim to make our valuable customers use our machines for long life.

Economic and Ergonomic

Our model, which is easy to carry with its dimensions, is designed to take as little space as possible.

The money control machine that you can easily carry for use outdoors is a model above the price performance scale with its price.


  • Special production money control machine for Turkish Lira
  • Displaying the value of real money
  • 100% detection of counterfeit money
  • Shows ERROR counterfeit money
  • Warning of counterfeit money with “beep”
  • Check money even in 1 second
  • Detectors developed for TL coins
  • Revised audible and written warning system
  • Detecting and returning fake and suspicious money
  • Outstanding success, even in worn, old and wrinkled coins
  • Optional Long-life Li-On battery system
  • Ergonomically designed and small size
  • Self-reset after each test run
  • Collecting and presenting the old and new amount
  • Testing money from 8 points and 24 points
  • Automatically detect money from any direction
  • Show report details of the money it controls
  • Bidirectional coin extraction feature (Front and Rear)
  • Battery protection with automatic sleep mode
  • Openable lid design for easy maintenance
  • 24 months warranty


  • Automatic currency control machine for Turkish Lira
  • 100% detection of counterfeit money
  • Displaying the value of real money
  • Giving sequential beeps on counterfeit money
  • Shows ERROR counterfeit money
  • Compact design

Physical Properties

  • Dimensions: 14x18x8,5 cm.
  • Weight: 650 gr.
[:tr]Sahte Para Kontrol Makinesi[:en]Counterfeit Money Control Machine[:de]unechte Geldkontrollmaschine[:ar]ماكينة مهلان بوينتر 2 للكشف عن النقود المزيفة[:]