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Mühlen EU 2550

Cash Drawer | Standard Density

High Quality Test Standards

Developed specifically for retail stores, the model has passed more than 1 million on / off tests to achieve outstanding results. Even in long-term use, MÜHLEN EU 2550 cash register drawer which does not lose anything from its high performance provides customer satisfaction with its economical price.

Does Not Wear and Performance Loss

The best-in-class EU-2550 cash drawer has proven its quality by passing over 1 million on-off tests. Thanks to the developed rail system, it is used without any wear and performance degradation even during long term use.

Economic Price

Designed specifically for retail stores, our model offers a very easy to use thanks to its improved system. This model is one of the most preferred cash drawers in its class.

Stylish and Convenient Cash Drawer

The front part of our model is made of stainless steel.

The EU2550 cash drawer, which is very stylish and functional with its design, offers the desired organized space thanks to its removable and replaceable drawers.

Maximum Security Maximum Flexibility

It provides maximum security to the user with its metal body structure and functional key system.

As a result of the 3-position switch, the user can open and close the drawer with the help of the switch, as well as providing the possibility to open it depending on the cash register.

Cash Register Compatibility

RJ11 port with 1.5 meter extension cable allows easy connection to all cash registers.

The cash drawer, which is activated and integrated without being inserted into the cash registers, can be opened automatically with the cash button on the cash register.

Big and Flexible Money Eyes

The Mühlen EU2550 cash drawer has 8 coin compartments, which can be changed by the user. However, the paper money bins have spring-claw metal claws which allow the coins to be fixed.


  • 100% success in over 1 million switching tests
  • Strong main body structure made entirely of metal
  • Connect to all cash register models (RJ11)
  • Stylish stainless steel front plate
  • Scratch-resistant anti-static oven paint
  • 8 coins, 5 paper money boxes
  • Specially produced system for intensive use during the day
  • System can be opened automatically with the key
  • 3-stage lock mechanism
  • 1. off 2. automatic 3. open
  • Metal clawed paper money eyes
  • 1 hidden money entry chamber
  • Wide and long body drawer structure
  • Integrated with all cash registers
  • Economical price
  • 24 months warranty


  • More than 1 million on / off tests
  • 8 coins, 5 paper money boxes
  • Main body made of steel
  • Compatible with all cash registers (RJ11)
  • Scratch-resistant anti-static paint

Physical Properties

  • Clear dimensions: Width 42cm, Depth 44cm, Height 11cm
  • Carton dimensions: Width 47cm, Depth50 cm, Height 15cm
  • Net Weight: 5,7 kg
  • Gross weight: 6,8 kg
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Cash Drawer | Standard Density

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