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Mühlen Mini 509CC

Portable Mini Paper Shredder

Individual Use & Stylish Design

Specially designed for individual use, the MÜHLEN Mini 509CC stands out with its compact size and powerful engine that destroys over 100 sheets of documents per minute. However, there is a carrying handle for easily lifting the upper motor and emptying the waste bin. 

Quick Document Destruction

The Mini 509CC paper shredder model, which is very portable with its mini size, works for long periods of time without loss of performance in low density applications. The model, capable of destroying 2.20 meters per minute, can destroy more than 100 documents on average within 1 minute.

Auto Protection System

Our non-stop model can work for up to 3 minutes and protects itself and the engine extra with automatic protection system. The Mini 509CC model protects the engine for long years without loss of performance when it starts to heat up after cooling for a long time.


Confetti / Cross Cut

Mühlen Mini 509CC is capable of 4X35 mm cross / confetti cutting and has DIN P4 safety level.

Our model has a 220 meter inlet and works perfectly at high speed.

Powerful Motor and Mechanical Structure

The cutting blades, which are specially designed for our model which can destroy 2.20 meters per minute and 6 sheets of paper at a time with its improved engine, can work without losing any performance even in long-term use.

Sliding Functional Switch

With the help of the sliding switch system on the Mühlen Mini 509CC, it can easily switch on / off the machine power, forward and reverse, manual or automatic operation options.

However, with the system designed for user safety, the machine stops automatically when the top cover is opened to empty the waste bin.

12 Liter Waste Bin with Window

Mühlen Mini 509CC paper shredder with 12 liter waste bin hopper with window shows the empty space inside the box thanks to the transparent window lid system.

To empty the waste container, simply remove the shredder head on the machine.


  • Small and stylish design for individual uses
  • Destroy more than 100 documents per minute
  • Powerful engine for fast document destruction
  • Automatic shredding with automatic feeding
  • Modern, turquoise-white color and design
  • Document shredding speed 2.20 meters / Minute
  • Document feed inlet: 220 mm
  • Confetti / cross cut document shredding
  • Cutting 4×35 mm
  • Automatic stop and rewind during jams
  • Non-stop operation for 2 ~ 3 minutes
  • Destroying 6 documents at a time
  • P4 document shredding security level
  • Stapler is not affected in documents
  • 12 liter removable waste bin
  • Automatic motor protection system
  • Waste bin container with window
  • Automatic motor cooling system
  • Emptying waste bin with carrying handle
  • Less than 72 dB noise levels
  • Small design that can be carried anywhere
  • Functional sliding switch
  • Forward and rewind slider
  • 24 months warranty


  • Small and stylish design for individual uses
  • Destroy more than 100 documents per minute
  • Automatic shredding with automatic feeding
  • Document shredding speed 2.20 meters / Minute
  • Modern, turquoise-white color and design
  • Cutting 4×35 mm
  • Confetti / cross document cut shape

Physical Properties

  • Net Dimensions: 320 (D) x 190 (W) x 310 (H) mm
  • Gross Dimensions: 355 (D) x 195 (W) x 325 (H) mm
  • Net Weight: 3.50 kg.
  • Gross weight: 4,10 kg.
[:tr]Portatif Mini Kâğıt İmha Makinesi[:en]Portable Mini Paper Shredder[:de]Die tragbare und kleine Papierzerstörungsmaschine[:ar]آلة صغيرة محمولة للتخلص من الورق [:]