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Mühlen PD 15

Electric Spiral Binding Machine

Spiral (Ring-Spring) Binding

Designed with high German engineering, MÜHLEN PD15 is the most widely used electric spiral binding machine for medium and low density processes. With the help of an electronic motor, the model is capable of fast ring binding in the form of ring (spring) and has been manufactured to provide perfect service for many years.

Common Usage Area

Being one of the most preferred models in its class, MÜHLEN PD 15 is user-friendly with its easy and practical use. The model, which has an economical structure in terms of both machine cost and material cost, can also be used easily in all office environments with its strong body structure.

Unlimited Binding Diameter

The MÜHLEN PD 15 binding machine is capable of drilling 46 pcs 3.5 mm hole diameters at a time and can bind in unlimited sizes depending on the material diameter. Our model, which works with a fully electric system, is able to perform binding in one time and quickly thanks to its motorized binding feature.


15 Leaf Drilling at a Time

Thanks to the renewed drilling blades with a 5-year guarantee, our model can easily drill 15 sheets at a time, thanks to its powerful blades, it performs drilling operations without error.

In addition to this, the Mühlen PD 15 has a blade hole size of 3.5 mm.

Electric Screw Coupling

Binding and binding process is realized in a very short time thanks to the specially designed electric motor system and winding assembly.

The model, which performs error-free and fast binding process thanks to the completely electric winding system, is a great time-saving model, specially designed using the latest technologies.

Reinforced Body and Mechanism

Our model, which is designed for long-term use with its completely metal body structure and internal working mechanisms made of special steel, has a warranty of 24 months. Our machine can be used all day long and there is no error or rusting in any of its components.

5 Year Blade Warranty

Our model of Mühlen PD-15 binding machine, which has a renewed and extra strengthened 5-year warranty and drilling blades system, always performs its drilling operations smoothly while maintaining the performance of the first day.


  • Motorized system with unlimited width spiral binding
  • Economical design for medium and low throughput
  • Punch documents up to 15 sheets, A4 and smaller at a time
  • Suitable material size: 4: 1 (4 holes for 1 inch)
  • Fast binding with electric motor system
  • 46 holes with a diameter of 3.5 mm
  • Fully electronic coil winding system
  • Manual and powerful drilling system
  • 3 different margin settings as 3, 5, 7mm
  • Empty waste bin container
  • Margin paper restraint
  • Strong steel internal structure
  • Strong metal body structure
  • Working with power switch
  • Economical price advantage
  • 5 years blade warranty
  • 24 months warranty


  • Electronic binding
  • Spiral binding
  • 15 punches in one go
  • Unlimited wide document binding
  • 3.5 mm, 46 holes
  • 3 different margin settings

Physical Properties

  • Machine dimension: 435 * 275 * 200 mm
  • Net Weight: 7.5 kg
  • Gross Weight: 8,5 kg
  • Product Package Size: 475 * 310 * 220 mm
[:tr]Elektrikli Helezon Ciltleme Makinesi[:en]Electric Spiral Binding Machine[:de]Die elektrische Spiralbindungsmaschine[:ar]آلة تجليد لفائف كهربائية[:]