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Mühlen R800

Presentation Controller (Green Laser Technology)

Green Laser Technology

As is known, green laser technology is much less likely to cause harm to the human eye or any object than other colors. At the same time, it gives you a clearer, smudge-free punctuation, allowing you to deliver a clear, smooth presentation, even over long distances.

Active Button System

Easy to grasp, soft touch and orthopedic structure, MÜHLEN R800 model offers forward and backward forward buttons, auto play and full screen buttons. In addition to this, the presentation of the LCD screen is more efficient.

LCD Display

Fitting everything for an efficient presentation on its small display, the MÜHLEN R800 presentation controller is designed for high customer satisfaction and effective presentations. It displays the following data at the same time up to the signal strength level.


Presentation up to 30 meters

2.4 Ghz. The signal-powered model provides a continuous and clear shot up to 30 meters away.

In addition to clear green laser cue doting, the presentation buttons for controlling the presentation operate continuously.

Benefits of LCD Display

Thanks to the small LCD display placed on the presentation control, you can learn how many minutes you spend on slides and make an effective presentation using the time well.

The display shows signal strength and battery status so that the user can use the control actively and consciously.

Timing Setting

Presentation control with timing adjustment The R800 is designed for a completely effective and successful presentation.

It allows you to start and end the desired presentation at the desired time, or to view the elapsed or remaining time of the presentation on the screen instantly, as well as to display the battery status instantly.

Easy to Install and Use

Easy to install and use, our R800 can easily be operated by plugging it into a computer, a presentation device, and a USB receiver.

It allows you to control your presentations without interruption with fast detection and processing technology using built-in buttons and special technology.


  • The most harmless marking technology with green laser technology
  • Uninterrupted clear presentation up to 30 meters range
  • Uninterrupted communication with 2.4 GHz wireless technology
  • Slide management with built-in key system
  • Next-Previous page navigation buttons
  • Automatic and screen connect buttons
  • Small LCD display showing signal status
  • Small LCD indicator for battery level
  • LCD display showing elapsed and remaining time
  • LCD display time adjustment
  • Easy to manage presentation with key system
  • Adjust presentation time with improved timing
  • USB receiver that can be connected to all computers and presentation devices
  • Improved audible, vibrating and written warning system
  • 2 AAA batteries for extended use
  • Easy operation with wireless mini receiver
  • Automatic and manual adjustment system
  • Signal and battery status indicator
  • Auto play option
  • Extra fast detection system
  • Stylish and protective carrying case
  • 3 years full warranty


  • Page change buttons
  • Green laser technology
  • LCD display technology
  • Plug and play model
  • 30 meters range
  • Signal status indicator
  • Battery status indicator
  • Timing technology

Physical Properties

  • Height: 134mm, Width 38mm, Depth, 28mm
  • Weight: 71 Gr.
  • Battery Life: Up to 1050 Hours (Presentation)
  • Battery Life: Up to 20 Hours (Laser Pointer)
[:tr]Sunum Kumandası (Yeşili Lazer Teknolojisi)[:en]Presentation Controller (Green Laser Technology)[:de]Präsentationssteuerung (Grüne Lasertechnologie)[:ar]جهاز التحكم للعرض مهلان ٨٠٠ (تكنولوجيا ليزر أخضر)[:]