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Mühlen Zoom 4

Automatic Fake Money Control Machine

Automatic Money Control in 9 Different Countries

The MÜHLEN Zoom 4 counterfeit money machine, which automatically recognizes and checks counterfeiting of 9 different country currencies, detects 100% counterfeit money with the CIS (V9) technology included. It automatically recognizes TL, EURO, USD, GBP, RUB, NOK, CHF, SEK, SAR currencies and simultaneously displays the denomination values ​​on the screen.

Automatic Currency and Currency Value Recognition

The Zoom 4 model automatically recognizes the currency and the value and shows the currency and value on the LCD screen. Thanks to its renewed and improved design, it automatically recognizes the money of 9 different countries, allowing you to save time and make 100% safe control.

Sleep Mode System

Designed for long-lasting use, our model provides better performance by extending the life of the optional battery with the sleep mode used. When you do not use the Zoom4, the camera goes into automatic sleep mode, allowing the battery to last longer.

100% Counterfeit Money Control Rate

Thanks to UV, MG, MT, IR, 3D, CIS (V9) systems, each model is tested at 47 different points, and 100% of all counterfeit coins are separated and warned.

For real coins, the coin can be printed on the screen, allowing the machine to exit from the front or optional.

Advanced Reporting

Thanks to the advanced reporting system, it has the feature of storing all controlled money in its memory and listing it on the screen by pressing the REP button at any time.

The memory of the model, which has 355 different combination systems, was developed using data-chip. The user keeps all information in memory until the device is reset or switched off.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Designed for many years of use without the need for cleaning and extra maintenance, the MÜHLEN Zoom-4 counterfeit money controller guarantees years of flawless and error-free operation.

To clean in a possible situation, the performance can be maximized by easily lifting up the front part and easily cleaning with a brush or damp cloth.

Lifetime Update Guarantee

This model, which guarantees a lifetime update to process newly issued and updated real and counterfeit money, includes new 100 and 200 Euros, new pounds and all super dollars.

With the help of USB cable you can easily update our model, extremely easy to use.


  • Currencies tested: TL, USD, EURO, GBP, RUB, NOK, CHF, SEK, SAR
  • Automatically detect and recognize 9 different country currencies
  • Ability to detect 100% counterfeit money with V CIS V9
  • Error-free testing at ½ second
  • Automatic detection and display of currency values
  • Beep and ERROR warning in case of counterfeit money
  • Automatic detection and recognition of money from 4 directions
  • Recognition of the new 100-200 EURO and new pounds
  • Lifetime update for new and changing currencies
  • Switch to automatic sleep mode for battery protection
  • Alerting the user with audible and written warning system
  • Portable and small design for easy transportation
  • Automatically detect and read all coins
  • Long-term use with Li-On battery (optional)
  • Two-way coin extraction system (front – back)
  • Openable door system for cleaning and maintenance
  • 8-tiered 47-point counterfeit system
  • UV, MG, MT, IR, 3D, CIS (V9) technologies
  • Display the value of the last test money with DEN 1 mode
  • Displaying total by adding with ADD mode
  • Detailed reporting system
  • 24 months warranty


  • Automatic detection and recognition of 9 different country currencies
  • Ability to detect 100% counterfeit money with V CIS V9
  • Error-free testing at ½ second
  • Recognition of the new 100-200 EURO and new pounds

Physical Properties

  • Dimensions: 15,5×13,7×8,2 cm
  • Weight: 700 gr
[:tr]Otomatik Sahte Para Kontrol Makinesi[:en]Automatic Fake Money Control Machine[:de]Automatische unechte Gelderkennungsmaschine[:ar]جهاز مهلان زوم 4 للكشف عن النقود المزيفة[:]