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Mühlen TD-12

Wire Binding Machine

Economical Wire Binding Machine

The most economical and most preferred metal wire binding machines MÜHLEN TD-12 is specially designed for medium and low density processes. The punching and bonding of model papers is easy on the same machine.

Margin and Waste Bin

The model that collects the paper particles from the removable waste bin from the punching process allows the waste bin to be emptied. In addition, it can be easily adjusted with 3 different margin settings in 2.5-3.5 and 4.5 mm dimensions, which allows the documents to be drilled in corners or inwards.

Powerful Drilling Blade System

The blades of the TD-12 binding machine made of special steel are guaranteed for 5 years just in case. Designed to serve for long years without loss of performance, the machine performs smooth and clear drilling and binding.


Suitable Material and Binding Sizes

The model uses easily available 3: 1 (3 holes per inch) wire binding material. However, the user can select any material in width up to 1/4 to 9/16 (document thickness) according to the binding page thickness (up to 120 sheets).

12 Leaf Drilling at a Time

Mühlen TD-12 model can punch 34 4x4mm holes in A4 or smaller size, 12 sheets document at one time. In addition to this, maximum efficiency is provided by applying minimum power with the help of special steel arm.

Binding up to 120 sheets

Capable of binding up to 120 sheets at a time, the model is produced for medium and low density processes.

The model, which easily shows the thickness of the material used from the scale in the upper part of the machine, can be adjusted with the adjustment latch, at which pressure and tightness the pressing vice will perform binding.

Reinforced Body Structure

With a 5-year drilling blade warranty, the model is made of completely steel interior as well as a renewed and reinforced body structure.

The model is guaranteed for 2 years.


  • Economical price metal wire binding machine
  • Punch up to 12 sheets at a time
  • Connecting type: 3: 1 double wire
  • Suitable material: 3: 1 wire binding
  • 34 holes in one shot
  • Size of each hole: 4x4mm
  • Margin spacing: 2.5 / 3.5 / 4.5mm
  • Comfortable use with steel drilling arm
  • Suitable ring size: 4.8 ~ 15.9mm
  • Scale latch for tightness adjustment
  • For A4 and smaller documents
  • Binding up to 120 sheets
  • Disposable waste bin
  • 5 Year drilling blade warranty
  • 24 months warranty


  • Economical price
  • 12 sheets punching capacity
  • 200 sheets binding capacity
  • Margin adjustment and vice adjustment
  • 34 holes drilling at one time

Physical Properties

  • Machine size: 440 * 235 * 350 mm
  • Net Weight: 6 kg
  • Gross Weight: 8 kg
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