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Mühlen Elegant 3AF

A3 Size Professional Laminating Machine

Professional A3 Document Lamination

Specially designed for professional and intensive use, MÜHLEN Elegant 3AF laminating machine covers A3 and smaller documents in a smooth and bright way. Our model, which saves time for the user with fast heating time between 4 ~ 6 minutes, covers the documents between 75 and 150 (each plate) micron PVC.

A3 Size Document Overlay

Designed to cover documents, photos, IDs and cards in A3 and smaller sizes, MÜHLEN 3AF model covers 4 glossy and smooth lamination films at one time thanks to its 4 rollers. Thanks to its improved mechanical and heat system, it works without compromising its high performance even in long-term use.

Warning System

Mühlen Elegant 3AF model, which warns the user in case of problems and situations thanks to the renewed light warning system, informs the user with red light when power is turned on and standby mode and green LED light when the system is ready to reach the required heat and make film lamination film.

4 Cylinder Perfect Design

The ant Elegant 3AF model is specially developed for flame retardancy, thanks to its 4-cylinder technology, it perfectly covers glossy and smooth lamination films.

While the front double roller system ensures the film to be coated at the right temperature, the rear double roller cools the film and provides a smooth coating without air bubbles.

Manual Heat Setting

The model, which has the options of making cold and hot lamination options, makes the PVC coating in a glossy, smooth and high quality way thanks to the heat adjustment that can be easily adjusted according to the micron thickness of the lamination film to be coated.

High Speed ​​Lamination

MÜHLEN 3AF professional PVC machine, which is one of the models with the highest speed laminating system in its class, has the feature of lamination coating at a speed of 3.5 meters per minute.

The model, which makes PVC quickly without scratching, covers the lamination film between 75 ~ 150 microns (each layer).

Jam Prevention

With the anti-jamming system produced by our company as patented, the 3AF model is designed and manufactured in such a way that it does not jam and stick automatically.

Nevertheless, with the release latch on the back of the model, the lamination film remains idle and can be easily removed from the machine by manually pulling the damaged film.


  • Specially developed for A3 and smaller documents and photos
  • Lamination between 75 and 150 microns (each plate)
  • Long-lasting design for professional and intensive use
  • With 4 cylinder structure, excellent glossy and smooth surface
  • Ability to alert the user with improved warning systems
  • Wide micron coating options with heat adjustment latch
  • Automatic overlay when document is loaded
  • The machine stops automatically when the document is finished
  • Fast lamination making: 350mm / Minute
  • Extra fast warm-up time between 4 ~ 6 minutes
  • Hot and cold lamination options
  • Document opening width: 340mm
  • LED light warning system, user-friendly
  • Automatic document jam prevention system
  • Automatic rewind during jams
  • Manual jamming against possible odds
  • Auto thermostat with heat stabilization feature
  • Power: 220-240 V – 50Hz
  • Consumption: 450 Watt
  • 24 months full warranty


  • Max document format: A3 (303×426 mm)
  • 4 Cylinder structure with excellent brightness
  • Automatic and manual jam prevention
  • Auto thermostat with heat stabilization feature
  • High speed film coating: 350mm / Minute
  • Automatic start and stop
  • Manual micron temperature adjustment latch

Physical Properties

  • Dimensions of package: 510x210x120 mm
  • Product Dimensions: 470x190x110 mm.
  • Weight Gross: 3.8 kg.
  • Weight Net: 3.6 kg.
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