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Mühlen Violet X

Money Control Device

Enhanced Purple Light Technology

With the brightest ultraviolet light (UV) intensity ever used, MÜHLEN Violet X is equipped with an extra powerful money control system. It is a user-oriented model with the highest quality and assurance among all counterfeit money controllers with its specially produced double-row ultraviolet fluorescence.

Custom Scale Ruler

The scale used in the model, scaled on a metric basis, can easily check the dimensions of the money or valuable documents and get an idea about its reality. However, the ruler located just above the White (WM) light gives the user a lot of ideas, both metric and watermark control.

White Light

With the help of ultraviolet light (WM) technology, which is used for more powerful and secure control, besides ultraviolet light, it can easily detect hidden pictures, watermarks and holograms found in money and documents.

High Quality Ultraviolet Light

Equipped with the most intense and brightest “ultraviolet” light ever developed, MÜHLEN Violet X gives the user the opportunity to check money even in daylight, giving the user detailed insight into reality.

Double row wide ultraviolet fluorescence is designed to provide long life and is designed to provide maximum benefit to the user.

Fixed Magnifier

Thanks to the magnifier integrated in the model, it provides the opportunity to analyze the money and documents controlled to the finest details and test their authenticity.

This model, which can clearly show the marks and signs in money and documents, provides the user with the opportunity to make a healthy and accurate interpretation.

Appropriate Design for All World Coins

You can achieve superior success and performance in the model that you can easily use in all world currencies.

With the intense ultraviolet and white light inside the machine, you can examine all the world’s coins and make healthy comments about their reality.

Economic and Ergonomic

Our Mühlen Violet X model, which is frequently preferred due to its size and occupies a very small space, is designed as a very economical money controller besides the high performance and technologies it offers. The model is completely customer-friendly with economical price and superior control design.


  • Enhanced 2-row ultraviolet light (UV)
  • Intense white light (WM)
  • The most powerful UV & WM lights produced
  • Black and closed body structure with light confinement
  • Special design for all world coins
  • Custom built-in integrated magnifier
  • 3-stage power switch system
  • Integrated, scale metric ruler
  • Two-row purple fluorescent system
  • Long-life fluorescent
  • Ergonomic size
  • Economical price
  • 24 months warranty


  • Reinforced Vi Ultra Violet system
  • Even in daylight control
  • Closed and black body structure
  • Enhanced WM light

Physical Properties

  • Net Weight: 0.57 kg.
  • Dimensions: 200x120x160 mm
  • Package Dimensions: 207x120x168 mm
[:tr]Para Kontrol Cihazı [:en]Money Control Device[:de]Gerät für Geldkontrolle[:ar]آلة مهلان فيولت اكس لفحص النقود[:]