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Mühlen Türkiye

Mühlen Elegant 418

A4 Economical Laminating Machine

A4 Size Lamination

A4 and smaller size documents, as well as documents such as card and photo lamination between 80 ~ 125 microns quickly. In the model, the user can make hot or cold lamination coating thanks to the heat latch.

High German Engineering

Developed with high German engineering, MÜHLEN 418 laminating machine is one of our most preferred models with its long life structure and economical price. However, the model, which has passed many world-class quality tests, has achieved successful results.

Hot and Cold Lamination

In our model, which has the ability to make both hot and cold lamination depending on user request, it reaches the required heat level between 3 ~ 5 minutes after opening.

Note: Although 99% hot lamination is used in our country, different lamination films are used for cold lamination.

Jam Prevention

Thanks to the specially developed release latch, any possible jam can be manually removed. In the event of a jam, the user can easily pull the idle film out of the machine by pushing the latch down.

Lamination between 80 and 125 microns

Mühlen Elegant 418 laminating machine, which can cover between 90 and 125 micron laminating film with its advanced lamination technology, can easily take the document or film to be coated with the guide cover on it.

Fast Warm-up Time

Mühlen 418, which reaches a sufficient temperature level between 3 ~ 5 minutes after opening, is ready to use quickly at the first opening.

In addition to this, the specially designed automatic anti-jamming system provides complete flawless service.

Special Cylinder System

Specially designed double cylinder system ensures smooth and shiny lamination by preventing burning and sticking.

Without leaving any scratches and breaking, our model which performs smooth and fast coating warns the user with LED light system when necessary.


  • Maximum lamination film width: 245mm
  • A4 and smaller lamination coating sizes
  • Lamination film coating between 80 and 125 microns
  • Reaching the required temperature between 3 ~ 5 minutes
  • Automatic document detection and lamination
  • Hot and cold lamination film coating
  • With LED light system, warn user
  • Laminating materials: paper, picture, identity, etc.
  • Anti-jamming with automatic and manual latch
  • Smooth clear lamination with double roller system
  • Lamination ready warning sign with green LED
  • Fast lamination making: 300mm / Minute
  • Thermostat for fixing heat
  • Lamination speed
  • English manual
  • 24 months warranty


  • 80 ~ 125 micron film coating
  • Warm up time between 3 ~ 5 minutes
  • Clear smooth film coating
  • Economic Price
  • Lamination speed of 300mm / Minute

Physical Properties

  • The dimension is 346 x 150 x 85 mm.
  • Weight: 1.67 kg.
[:tr]Ekonomik Laminasyon Makinesi[:en]A4 Economical Laminating Machine[:de]Die Ökonomische Laminier Maschine[:ar]آلة الترقق الاقتصادي[:]