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Mühlen 30Lt-C

Cross Paper Shredder

Powerful Motor Long Working Time

Designed for businesses requiring high density document destruction, the MÜHLEN 30Lt-C paper shredder has a 5-year warranty on shredding blades made of verbal alloy steel. It can destroy up to 18 sheets at a time and up to 45 minutes of non-stop paper. The model has the capacity to work over 12 hours a day and can destroy 100,000 documents per day.

30 Liter Waste Bin Container

MÜHLEN 30Lt-C model with 30 Liters waste container with removable drawer warns the user with smart LED light system in case the drawer becomes full or the drawer comes out. In addition, the machine has 4 ball wheels with 2 brakes for easy transportation of the machine in the office.

Cross / Confetti Cutting

Paper shredding dimensions DIN P: MÜHLEN HS18 (30Lt-C) with security level 4 shreds 4×38 mm (4mm width 38mm length) cross / confetti cut documents. The model, which does not allow the reassembling of shredded documents in any way, has a high security shredding feature.


Very Fast and Very Quiet

Operating at a noise level below <55 dB, the 30Lt-C has a document destruction speed of 300cm per minute and the capacity to shred 18 sheets of A4 paper at a time.

With another calculation, it has an average rate of destroying 190 documents per minute and 5700 documents without hesitation in 45 minutes. That makes more than 100 thousand documents during the day.

Stall Prevention and Motor Protection

Mühlen 30Lt-C has a 3-stage anti-jamming and motor protection system. Therefore, as a result of overloading the machine, the machine automatically returns the jammed documents or stops it to protect the motor to prevent jamming. It also automatically stops the machine to cool the overheated engine and switches to cooling mode.

Active Buttons and User Warning Lights

The model that starts shredding automatically can destroy the document manually by using the forward and rewind keys, or it can recover the documents that it discontinues by pressing the back button at the last moment.

In addition, the user, waste bin full, drawer open, document jam, overheating in situations such as LED light system that warns the model CD / DVD, credit solids, paperclips and staples, such as the destruction feature.

Human Safety First

In Mühlen 30Lt-C model, many safety precautions have been taken despite the injuries. These include a variety of safety systems, such as the document inlet covers and the automatic stop of the engine in the event of a waste bin hopper.

In addition, the electric shock protection system can reduce human injuries to zero.


  • Document shredding power over 45 minutes without interruption
  • Maximum destruction during the day: more than 100 thousand leaves
  • Maximum operating time per day: up to 12 hours
  • Non-Stop document destruction: 5 thousand sheets
  • Shredding into confetti with cross-cut feature
  • Cutting shredding dimensions: 4×38 mm (0,16×1,50)
  • Feed type: automatic paper pick up and stop when finished
  • Cutting capacity: up to 18 sheets at a time
  • 30 liter capacity waste bin with drawers
  • Shredding DIN safety level P4
  • Motor protection system: Automatic rewind / Stop
  • Manual rewind buttons
  • Noise level below 55 dB
  • 5 years guarantee special steel cutting blades
  • Paper, CD / DVD, credit card destruction
  • Not affected by staples or paper clips
  • Cutting speed: 300 mm / min
  • Paper feed width: 230 mm.
  • Stop the automatic disposal when the waste bin comes out
  • Automatic stop and warning when overloaded
  • Automatic protection of motor in case of over-time operation
  • Warning Lights 1: Waste bin full, waste bin output
  • Warning Lights 2: Document overload, engine overheating
  • Easy transportation in the office with 4 castors with 2 brakes
  • Low energy consumption with sleep mode system
  • Automatic start and stop feature
  • 1000 Watt motor power
  • 5 years cutting blade warranty
  • 24 months warranty


  • Non-Stop operating time up to 45 minutes
  • Maximum operating time per day: up to 12 hours
  • Maximum destruction during the day: more than 100 thousand leaves
  • Shredding into confetti with cross-cut feature
  • Cutting shredding dimensions: 4×38 mm (0,16×1,50)
  • Cutting capacity: up to 18 sheets at a time
  • Shredding DIN safety level P4

Physical Properties

  • Net Dimensions: 580 x 300 x 430 mm
  • Gross Dimensions: 685x490x360 mm
  • Net Weight: 16,7 Kg
  • Gross Weight: 18 Kg.
  • Operating Voltage: 220-240-260V
[:tr]Çapraz Kesim Evrak İmha Makinesi[:en]Cross Paper Shredder[:de]Die Kreuzschnitte Aktenvernichter[:ar]آلة التخلص من الأوراق الشاملة[:]