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Mühlen Säge TR-310

Professional Sliding A3 Paper Cutting Machine

Professional Sliding

MÜHLEN Säge TR-310, developed for model A3 and smaller documents with 440 mm cutting chamber, makes very smooth and neat paper cuts thanks to its sharp oval blade and sensitive cutting rail.

Documents in A3 Size (Horizontal & Vertical)

The TR-310 model, which can cut up to 10 vertical and horizontal A3 or smaller documents at a time, realizes accurate and smooth cutting. Thanks to the cutting system that operates without the need of the user to apply extra pressure, it provides the opportunity to perform cutting operations easily.

User Security

MÜHLEN Säge TR-310 sliding guillotine machine with extra reinforced security system was designed with user safety in mind. User safety is maximized with a transparent hand cuff designed for possible injuries. Thanks to the transparent clamp, the user can easily see the document while minimizing the possibility of hand and finger injury.


Automatic Knife Sharpening System

TR-310 paper sliding paper cutting machine model, which has a self cleaning and sharpening blade system in every use, does not experience performance loss even in long-term intensive use.

Custom Stainless Steel Blade Structure

Our model, which has a blade system made of stainless and special hardened steel, provides fast, smooth cutting thanks to its rotating blade.

In this way, our model, which can perform faster and easier cutting processes, has been specially produced for intensive and professional uses.

Up to 10 Sheets in One Time

Our model, which can easily cut and shape up to 10 sheets of A3 and smaller documents, cuts and shapes documents such as paper, business cards and photographs.

Designed for school, office and professional uses, our model is made from all high quality materials.

24 Months Full Warranty

Our model, which is preferred for long-term intensive use with its renewed blade system, has 24 months full warranty with its improved cutting layer and blade system.

The model is designed to serve without any performance container for many years.


  • Special design for A3 and smaller documents
  • Maximum 10 paper cuts in one go
  • Papers, photos, profits, labels, invitations etc.
  • Smooth, scratch-free, clear and error-free paper cutting
  • Professional design for home, office, schools
  • Customized hardened blade system
  • Cutting chamber size: 440 mm
  • Cut document sizes: A3, A4, A5, A6, A7
  • Wide cutting table size: 440x159mm
  • Paper cutting table drawn on a metric basis
  • Self-sharpening knife system for every cut
  • Special design for intensive and professional use
  • Blade shield guard against injury
  • PED feet to prevent slipping off the table
  • Easy and touch-free cutting without pressing
  • Easy to replace cutting blades
  • 24 months full warranty


  • Sliding guillotine machine
  • For A3 and smaller documents
  • Cutting up to 10 sheets at one time
  • Smooth and accurate cutting feature
  • Professional design for home, office and schools

Physical Properties

  • Dimensions 510 X 450 X 60 mm
  • Weight 3,60 Kg
[:tr]Profesyonel Sürgülü A3 Kâğıt Kesme Makinesi[:en]Professional Sliding A3 Paper Cutting Machine[:de]Die professionelle A3 Papierschneidemaschine[:ar]لة قطع الورق المقفلة المحترفة A3[:]