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Mühlen Türkiye

Mühlen Violet

Counterfeit Money Control Device

Money And Valuable Document Controller

Developed and designed for the control of money, identity, credit card and other valuable documents, MÜHLEN Violet can be used in document control except money. Designed for flawless control with extreme purple light control (UV), extreme white-day light control (WM), magnetic ink test crystal (MG) and custom made magnifier.

4 Function Money Controller

UV, WM, MG and MT technologies are used in our MÜHLEN Violet model which has 4 different functions in a single device. While the ink test crystal MG technology controls the magnetic ink field on the money, MT technology uses magnetic stripe control. Daylight control “WM is developed for clear and comfortable view of holograms.

Concentrated Daylight System

MÜHLEN with the intensified white-day light system WM Vi for Violet model, it provides the opportunity to control the images and texts hidden in money and documents. This allows the user to control not only money, but also important documents in the finest detail.

Magnetic Ink and Ribbon Control

Sensitive designed Magnetic-Crystal technology is used in our model, by controlling the magnetic ink of the coins by friction method is set to warn the user in real money with sound and light.

With the same crystal technology, the magnetic strips of the coins are tested without error.

Extreme Purple Light Control

Thanks to the double-row reinforced ultra-violet (UV), security measures such as watermarks, hidden text, colored veins her of all kinds of money and documents pass the UV control and provide the user with ideas about the reality.

Real money and valuable documents are kept under the purple light to get ideas about both realities.

Use in All Money and Valuable Documents

Mühlen Violet offers the opportunity to check the authenticity of identity, passport, check and other documents as well as all world currencies. The model allows you to gain insight into the reality of all world currencies and gives you control over valuable documents.

Audible and Illuminated Warning System

Mühlen Violet, unlike the manual control system found on other models, has a system that warns the user with sound and light thanks to MG system. In this way, it prevents the user from escaping attention and provides accurate and fast control process.


  • Ability to check valuable documents such as money, ID, credit card, passport
  • Sound and light warning for real money with MG System
  • Extremely violet light control with long-lasting two-row UV fluorescent
  • Long-life WM white daylight with watermark control
  • MG system to control money ink
  • Review of money and documents with integrated magnifier
  • Integrated ruler to measure banknote size
  • Ergonomic design economic price
  • 3-stage power switch
  • Low energy consumption
  • 24 months warranty


  • Money, ID, credit card, passport checking
  • Double-row long-lasting (UV) ultraviolet fluorescent
  • Long-life WM system for daylight
  • Integrated lens for detail control

Physical Properties

  • Dimensions: 19 cm x 13 cm x 14 cm
  • Gross Weight: 640 Grams
[:tr]Sahte Para Kontrol Cihazı[:en]Counterfeit Money Control Device[:de]Gerät für unechte Geldkontrolle[:ar]جهاز مهلان فيولت للكشف عن النقود المزيفة [:]