General Information

Support page in general; Warranty periods include product return times, privacy and security disclosures, purchase and delivery times, transportation charges and methods, payment options, bank account information, and mail order form. However, you can find many other information such as technical service support communication, Mühlen repair and maintenance communication, repair and training videos.

Product Purchase & Payment

Akbank(Bank) – Routing Number:509 – Branch Name: Küçükköy

Firm Name:H.efendioğlu Karadeniz Kuy. Ve Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Account Number : 45507 / IBAN NO : TR05 0004 6005 0988 8000 0455 07

Garanti Bankası(Bank) – Routing Number:178- Branch Name: 500 Evler

Firm Name: H.efendioğlu Karadeniz Kuy. Ve Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Account Number : 6298549 / IBAN NO: TR58 0006 2000 1780 0006 2985 49

The customer can make their purchase preferences according to the figures below.

The customer can make purchasing preferences in the following ways.

Coming directly to our workplace address

By requesting sales personnel for their own business

Requesting e-mail order

Using the form of web communication

By ordering by phone

By ordering by fax

The customer can make their payment preferences in the following ways.


Bank Wire Transfer / EFT

By editing the mail order form

With credit card

Paid mail product delivery

Warranty and Customer Delight

Karadeniz Dış Ticaret receives unconditional return within 15 days from the date of sale of all products sold by Mühlen brand.

If the customer wishes to return the product, either during the sale and at the time of return, all shipping or handling costs are deducted from the product price, and the remaining amount is refunded with the same payment method whichever payment method the customer used.

If you are not satisfied with our product and to take advantage of our company’s return, the following conditions must be met.

The product should not be damaged or scratched.

The date of purchase of the product should not exceed 15 days.

Our commercial firm customers are required to issue a return invoice.

Product foam or parcel protection foams must be intact.

The product or parts of the product components must be complete.

Product manuals must be complete and robust.

Our Mühlen Brand products are covered by a 24-month full warranty.

During this period, no fee is charged for both workmanship and spare parts replacement, and if necessary, product replacement against all fabricated errors. In addition, after the warranty period, there is no part replacement for our products, maintenance operations are generally carried out free of charge.

All kinds of technical support related to our products provide lifetime free technical support even if it is out of warranty or if the warranty period has expired.

Regarding product use or maintenance / cleaning, all of our customers can get help by calling us directly by phone or by e-mail.

They can also follow the cleaning and maintenance videos related to many products on our Youtube channel. Again, there are many videos on this channel that show the features of our products and how to use them. Click here for our Youtube channel.

In addition, in case of a malfunction in the product that the user cannot eliminate, he can directly call us and call a service in Istanbul. For the provinces outside of Istanbul, they have to send the product to our dealer there, and in the cities that do not have a dealer, directly to our central address by cargo.

In the event that malfunctions occur in your Mühlen brand products or when the way of working becomes abnormal, you should first contact our company by phone or e-mail.

If the problem of the product is still not resolved as a result of our technical staff directing the user over the phone, if the customer is in Istanbul, our technical service will come to the address as soon as possible and perform the repair maintenance of the product on site. If there is no on-site repair facility, the product will be brought to our company headquarters and repaired and maintained by our technical staff for repair.

If the customer is outside of Istanbul and we do not have a dealer or service in the region, the customer must send the product to our central address by cargo. If the client company does not have a contracted cargo, ARAS can send to our company with cargo at a much lower price using our agreement. Our official company title: Hacıefendioğlu Karadeniz Kuyumculuk ve Dış Ticaret Ltd. Sti.

Privacy and Security

Our website,, has been secured with SSL certificate. In no way can third parties access the information entered in the contact and dealership forms. In addition, our company undertakes not to share this information with third parties.

In addition, our company can send advertisement e-mails such as campaign e-mail, new product e-mail to the e-mail addresses given to our company. If the customer wishes, he can leave our mailing list. To do this, you can contact us or leave the list by clicking the “unsubscribe” link below the e-mail message. does not offer online shopping via its website. If the customer chooses the option of shopping with a credit card, he / she has to edit the mail-order form and send it to us.

Our company undertakes and guarantees to share the credit card information filled in the mail order form with the third party. In addition, our company undertakes to destroy these mail order forms within its own company at the end of the legal period (60 days).

Our company undertakes not to provide customer information or credit card information sent via e-mail to third parties. In addition, the customer undertakes not to provide his / her email addresses and the physical addresses of the customer to third parties under the same conditions.

Transport and Delivery

The transportation and delivery processes and fees of the product purchased by the customer belong to our company completely. If the order address is in Istanbul, delivery and promotion will be made on the same day by the personnel of our company, and the cargo will be sent to the addresses outside of Istanbul at the same day at the same price. While the prepaid orders are sent by ARAS cargo, the products of customers who prefer the payment option at the door are sent by PTT Cargo.

The products you have purchased from (Karadeniz Dış Ticaret) are delivered directly by the branch staff from the regions with sales branches. In regions where there is no sales branch, ARAS cargo is sent from Istanbul center. However, in the worst case, the customer should sign this damage to the cargo officer against the damage that may occur during the transportation of the cargo. In addition, our company does not send free shipping abroad. Our customers, who prefer their foreign addresses, can choose international shipping companies such as UPS-DHL-TNT.