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Automatic Money Strapping and Stripping Machine

Automatic Money Banding and Strapping

Bündel model developed by MÜHLEN brand for storing, strapping and banding money after counting money can strip all the world’s coins with the help of thermal tape.

Easy Money Banding & Strapping System

The model starts to work with only the stack of money without any extra burden to the user and quickly circles the stack of money.

With the money detection sensors used in the machine, the machine performs the tape winding process quickly and makes the stack ready.

Fast Banding Time

Mühlen Bündel, which is designed to operate continuously throughout the day, is able to make money taping in a fast and perfect manner.

With the mechanical stack thickness adjustment, the model offers strapping the coins at the desired frequency and performs strapping without damaging the stacks.

At the same time, it performs regular banding by preventing double winding with the band detection sensors placed inside.

Top Security Measures

Designed with user health in mind, this model features high-level security measures.
It is designed with a system that will not harm the user in any way during the insertion and taping operations of the machine.

Custom LCD Display and Functional Keypad

You can see how many stacks of strapping are performed on the digital LCD screen, and you can see and change the temperature on the screen.

The LCD display, which you can check if it is ready for taping, is specially designed for long use.

Smooth and Gapless Money Banding

MÜHLEN Bündel allows the user to set the desired temperature thanks to the digital temperature adjustment preferred in the money banding machine.

In the desired setting and desired hardness, the deck tape is adhered and strapping is performed quickly and smoothly without any gaps.

Easy Changeable Tape System

You can find our preferred 20 mm wide paper tapes for quick and easy supply everywhere.

Thanks to the transparent tape cover on the machine, you can check the amount of tape remaining and easily change the cover by opening.

You can set all the operations you want to do from the functional key panels designed for easy operation and control them on the LCD screen.

Technical Specifications

  • Thermally taping and strapping 10 to 200 coin stacks
  • Strapping coins of any size and width with 20 mm wide bands
  • Manual adjustment of ring tightness by means of mechanical latch
  • Quick warm-up time and start strapping in a short time
  • Digital LCD display system, display the temperature setting and the amount of the circle
  • Adjustable adhesive firmness with digital temperature adjustment
  • Extra protection system to prevent injuries and accidents
  • Simultaneous display of the number of tapes
  • Smooth and gap-free banding
  • Prevent paper jam with Anti-Jam technology
  • Suitable for coins of any size and width
  • Transparent tape cover to see the status of the tape
  • Easy to carry with small and portable size
  • Double winding and jam prevention
  • Automatic self-test
  • 1 bundle banding speed in 1.5 seconds
  • Special design for intensive use
  • Improved warning system
  • 24 months guaranteed


  • Fully automatic strapping
  • Stacks of coins in size and thickness
  • Adjust the degree of bonding from each LCD screen
  • Display the amount of decks made on the screen
  • Ability to adjust banding frequency

Physical Properties

  • Dimensions: 240 mm (depth) 200 mm (width) 220 mm (Height)
  • Gross weight: 6.5 kg
  • Net Weight: 6 kg
  • Power: AC 230V ± 10% 50Hz ± 5%
  • Power Consumption: ≤70W
[:tr]Otomatik Para Çemberleme ve Şeritleme Makinesi[:en]Automatic Money Strapping and Stripping Machine[:de]Automatische Geldumreifungs- und Streifungsmaschine[:ar]ماكينة مهلان بوندل لربط النقود وتطويقها تلقائيا[:]