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Mühlen Türkiye

Mühlen VS/100MA

Automatic Feeding Paper Shredder

Automatic and Manual Document Disposal

Saving time with its fully automatic system, MÜHLEN VS / 100MA paper disposal machine can automatically take up to 100 sheets which are put in the feed hopper to the blades in order to automatically destroy them. The user can make automatic shredding or manual destruction of up to 6 sheets of paper each time.

Touch and Illuminated User Panel

It provides the user with the convenience of making all commands from the high-precision touch key panel. It can perform commands such as turning the machine on-off, automatic position, forward-backward from this panel. In addition, the waste bin is full or the waste bin lid is open, overheating of the engine, such as warnings to the user through the light panel shows.

25 Liters Waste Box Container With Drawer

The VS / 100MA document shredder is easy to use with its easy to remove 25 liter drawer bin and has 4 wheels for easy transport. In addition, the user can instantly see the occupancy rate from the transparent waste bin window, and when the waste bin is full or opened, the machine automatically stops and warns the user.


DIN P4 Micro Shredding Level

Thanks to the shredding blades that are guaranteed for 5 years, the model is capable of shredding documents at DIN P4 level, shredding documents in 3x10mm (1cm length and 3mm width) micro-scale dimensions.

It also shreds 100 documents placed in the automatic feed hopper within 3 minutes.

Non-Stop Long-Term Operation

Our non-stop model can run for more than 30 minutes and automatically cool itself up to 10 hours of active working time per day. In this way, it provides a great convenience to the user thanks to its fast and self-operating system in companies with heavy traffic.

The world’s fastest cooling feature, the model can cool itself and its engine within 15 minutes and start the destruction process again.

Fastest with 10 Meters per minute

Having the highest shredding speed in its class, our Mühlen VS / 100MA model can easily destroy 100 sheets of documents within 3 minutes with its renewed blade system and improved shredding system.

With a manual document shredding speed of 10 meters per minute, our model is ideal for heavy use and common use.

100% Time Saving

Our paper shredder model is equipped with a fully automatic system where it is sufficient to place documents in the hopper. In this way, the Mühlen VS / 100MA model, which starts to be destroyed as soon as the feed cover is closed, can operate on its own without the need of user intervention.

In addition, the user can automatically shut down the system and manually destroy up to 6 sheets of documents at a time.


  • Automatic and fast system to save time
  • 100 Sheets automatic feeding hopper capacity
  • DIN P4 Safety level on micro basis
  • Micro document shredding dimensions: 4x30mm
  • Automatic destruction of 100 documents in 3 minutes
  • Manual disposal at one time: 6 sheets
  • Automatic disposal when the feed cover is closed
  • Jam Auto-Jam automatic jamming system
  • Automatic stop when the document is finished
  • Manual shredding speed of 10 meters per minute
  • Non-stop operating time of 30 minutes
  • High precision touch key panel
  • Up to 12 hours working day
  • 15 minutes automatic cooling time
  • Operating noise level below 62 decibels
  • Removable 25 liter drawer waste bin
  • Energy saving with sleep mode
  • LED light system in accordance with user
  • Document feed inlet width of 220 mm
  • Automatic and manual feeding hoppers
  • Safety system against accidents with lock system
  • Automatic cooling mode against overheating
  • Manual operation with forward and rewind keys
  • 5 years cutting blades warranty
  • 24 months warranty


  • Automatic document feeder
  • Automatic and fast shredding system
  • Automatic 100 sheet feed hopper
  • 4x30mm DIN P4 safety level shredding
  • Automatic destruction of 100 documents in 3 minutes
  • Manual disposal at one time: 6 sheets

Physical Properties

  • Carton Dimensions: 420x368x633 mm
  • Product Dimensions: 353x345x537 mm
  • Gross Weight: 10,2 Kg.
  • Net Weight: 8,7 Kg.
[:tr]Otomatik Beslemeli Evrak İmha Makinesi[:en]Automatic Feeding Paper Shredder[:de]Eine automatische Aktenvernichter[:ar]آلة التخلص من وثائق التغذية التلقائية[:]