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Mühlen Türkiye

Mühlen Münzen

Coin Counting and Sorting Machine

Faster and More Robust

MÜHLEN Münzen coin counting machine, which has become much faster with its latest updated version, stands out with its faster and longer life than its competitors. Thanks to the dust extraction system used only in this model, the machine counts cleanly without being exposed to dust particles that may emerge during machine use.

2 Times Fast & 2 Times Quiet Counting

MÜHLEN Münzen model, which can perform the fastest count among the competitor models, is produced using Count Fast Count technology. The model, which can count 600 coins per minute, is the highest speed coin counting machine in its class. In addition, the model stands out with its silence and provides great comfort to the user.

Mixed Coin Counting and Sorting

MÜHLEN Münzen coin counting machine, which mixes and coins the mixed coins at high speed and distributes them to the counting boxes, also makes the desired amount of stacking. The model that shows the general amount on the screen simultaneously during the counting, shows the counting details and numbers respectively by the REPORT button when the counting is finished.


Dust Extraction System

Only with the special dust extraction system used in MÜHEN Münzen model, it performs coin counting and sorting without long maintenance and cleaning.

With the dust extraction system, the model becomes more durable and long-lasting and the accumulated dust is absorbed quickly without blocking the sensors.

Total Amount & Detail Report

Mühlen Münzen model, which reflects the total and number of coins counted on the screen in detail, also has the reporting feature.

In this way, the user can check the accuracy of the count and keep the necessary information.

Self Control

Designed by Count Safe Count technology, MÜHLEN Münzen model is self-checking and warns the user in writing and audible for possible errors.

With the specially equipped system against possible money escaping and false counts, completely accurate results are achieved as a result of counting.

Anti-Pinch Groove System

With the groove system used for the first time in this model, possible coins are prevented. Thanks to this system, our model, which performs a fast counting without insertion, performs an accurate counting and sorting.

With its high performance and economical price, it counts all Turkish Lira coins quickly and accurately.


  • Counting, sorting and detailing the coins
  • Ability to count up to 600 coins per minute
  • Displaying the values ​​and amounts of counted currencies
  • Displaying the total amount of counted currencies
  • 0 ~ 999, fixed and mixed stacking and storing
  • Self-test with Safe-Count technology
  • Dust extraction system to collect dust from sensors
  • Accurate counting
  • Preventing jamming and pausing with groove system
  • Self-checking error reporting
  • Stacking with data with internal memory
  • Zero error margin with built-in dual motor system
  • Improved large LCD display design
  • Feed hopper capacity 1500 ~ 2000 pieces
  • Stacking hoppers: 250 ~ 500 pieces
  • 24 months full warranty


  • Counting and sorting coins
  • Counting 600 coins per minute
  • Self-testing
  • Dust extraction system
  • Large LCD display
  • 2 times faster and quieter counting than previous version
  • Ability to count up to 600 coins per minute
  • Improved large LCD display design
  • Displaying the values ​​and amounts of counted currencies
  • Displaying the total amount of counted currencies
  • 0 ~ 999, fixed and mixed stacking and storing

Physical Properties

  • Dimensions: 355mmx330mmx266mm
  • Net Weight: 3.5 kg
[:tr]Bozuk Para Sayma ve Ayrıştırma Makinesi[:en]Coin Counting and Sorting Machine[:de]Zähl- und Sortierungsmaschine für Münzen[:ar]ماكينة مهلان مونزين لعد النقود الفكة وفرزها[:]