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Mühlen Master


Portable, Rechargeable and Battery Operated

Mühlen Biene is a portable banknote counter, which designed especially for mobile collectors.

This model which lets yoy to collect money and payment as mobile, designed battey operated and portable size.

Portable, Mobile and Hand Size

It is designed to count every money type in the world and can catch any kind of fake money during counting.

Thanks to Mühlen Biene has high quality Li-On battery you can use easily in every area without needing any electricity.

Smart Design & Multi Skill

In addition to its elegant appearance, our model designed as a money counting machine that can produce solutions for every need with its ease of use and ease of mobile transportation has gained high customer satisfaction with its fast and accurate counting features.

Conjoined double, having half our model and discriminating counterfeit money, the first and only in Turkey.

Excellent Count in Worn Money

It counts all kinds of money easily with its special system designed for careful and accurate counting of money even if it is worn or deformed.

The model, which automatically recognizes central bank ink, paper and security measures, performs an accurate count without being affected by old and worn money with its counterfeit and value recognition feature.

Read Value & Lifetime Update

The MÜHLEN Master model, which has a counting speed of 1200 coins per minute, reads the value of mixed coins at the time of counting and displays them instantly as a list and shows the total amount on the screen.

Our brand guarantees a lifetime update for new and future money and allows our model to be used for many years.

3D Color Screen

The MASTER model offers an aesthetically pleasing and functional appearance with a 3-dimensional color display for easy reading from any angle.

The model, which shows all warnings and warnings on the color LCD screen, also warns with sound. The external display that comes with the machine can be extended to the customer’s request.

Economic and Ergonomic

Thanks to its ergonomically designed structure, MÜHLEN Master model is intended to offer ease of use in everywhere.

This model, which offers an easy and effective system with its footprint and ease of use, stands out as the most economical model among our brand’s coin counting machines.

Technical Specifications

  • Mixed count, value reading and detail reporting feature for TL
  • TL, EURO, USD 100% counterfeit detection rate
  • Accurate counting of TL, USD, EURO and all other world currencies
  • User friendly with color TFT, LCD screen technology
  • Testing counterfeit money at 27 different points for each currency
  • List counting details on the 3D color display
  • Listing detail report and amount on the same screen
  • Date and time display in 3D color display
  • False, half, double and audible and written warning
  • Clear count result at one time, without error
  • Value reading according to central bank measures
  • Read the value of money with 3D Scanning system
  • Accurate counting even in old and worn coins
  • Lifetime update for new and changing currencies
  • UV, MG, MT, IR, MTL, 3D, LASER and DD technologies
  • Enhanced 8-layer counterfeit capture technology
  • Fixed and mixed stacking with numeric keypad system
  • Option to start counting automatically or manually
  • Customers can see on the counter with external display
  • Safe-Dec technology, which prevents unnecessary error
  • English menu,warning system and instruction manual
  • Visible 3D display design from any angle
  • 250 banknote feeding hopper
  • Stacking capacity of 250 pieces
  • Quiet, fast and accurate counting
  • 24 months guarenteed


  • Read the value of TL currency
  • Mixed count of TL denominated coins
  • Show total amount and detail list
  • 100% counterfeit capture in TL, EURO, USD currencies
  • User friendly with 3D Color TFT, LCD display technology
  • Testing counterfeit money at 27 different points for each currency
  • List counting details on the 3D color display

Physical Properties

  • Dimensions 250mm x 270mm x 230mm
  • Net Ağırlık: 7,5 Kg.
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