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Mühlen Pro 115Lt-C

Biggest Paper Shredder

Intensive Use and Archive Destruction

The Pro 115Lt-C, capable of destroying A3 and smaller documents, shreds documents on 63,000 sheets in just 90 minutes. The model can operate between 12 ~ 15 hours in total and can destroy non-stop 90 minutes.

A3 size 35 at a time

The paper size of the model is 310 mm wide. The model has a separate feeding hopper for media such as CD / DVD. MÜHLEN Pro-115Lt-C has 4 wheels with brakes for easy transportation in the office.

Giant Size & Ultra Quiet

In contrast to the strong metal body structure and the giant size, the super silent running model has a noise level of less than 55 decibels even during peak operation. Physically, 55 decibels have a noise level equivalent to shuffling book pages. The noise of the 1450 Watt giant motor with special housing is completely trapped inside the machine and does not reflect the sound outside.


Confetti / Cross Cut (4x30mm)

The model shreds up to 35 A3-size documents in 4x30mm confetti shape at a time, making them unreadable, unintelligible and unattachable at DIN P4 safety level.

However, the model with a removable 115 Liters waste bin hopper automatically stops the engine when the drawer door is opened for safety reasons.

High Speed ​​A3 Size Document Shredding

Mühlen Pro-Schleifer 115-C shreds documents at super-speed of up to 4 meters per minute. The model, which shreds 35 documents at one time, destroys a maximum of 630,000 papers, considering that it can run at 700 and 42,000 an hour and 15 hours a day.

This amount is capable of destroying a medium-sized archive during the day. In addition to destroying media such as CD / DVD, it is not affected by foreign objects such as staples and paper clips.

Reserve Auto-Reserve Technology

Thanks to the Reserve Auto-Reserve technology, when overloaded documents are loaded, they return the documents that are put into the feed in order to protect the engine and motor parts.

Thanks to its unique 1450watt motor, it has the ability to automatically shred the documents put into the document feeder and stop automatically when the shredding finishes.

5 Year Blade Guarantee & Blue LCD Display

With a 5-year shredding blade warranty and extremely user-friendly, the model displays all warnings and cautions on the large blue LCD display.

When the waste bin is full or when the waste bin lid is opened, overheating or paper jam occurs, it stops the machine in service requirements and warns the user symbolically on the widescreen.


  • A3 and smaller documents, CD, card shredding feature
  • 3x30mm confetti cut document
  • Non-stop operating time of 90 minutes
  • Document shredding at DIN P4 safety level
  • Shredding up to 35 sheets at one time
  • 310mm inlet feed width (A3)
  • Up to 15 hours of working time per day
  • 400 cm per minute document destruction speed
  • 700 document destruction speeds per minute
  • 42,000 document shredding rate per hour
  • Blade protection shields for user safety
  • Does not jam with Reserve Auto-Reserve technology
  • 115 liter sachet waste container
  • Not affected by objects such as staples and paper clips
  • Automatic system removal
  • Metal body structure and skeleton system
  • 1450Watt Capacitor / DC motor
  • Automatic engine cooling technology
  • Automatic start and stop feature
  • Manual forward and rewind keypad
  • Warning system on LCD
  • Dual inlet for document and media
  • 4 wheel brake system for easy transportation
  • Less noise level than 55 dB
  • 5-year warranty on Shredding Blades
  • 3 years engine warranty
  • 24 months warranty


  • A3 and smaller document, CD, card shredding feature
  • Shredding up to 35 sheets at one time
  • Confetti shredding shape 3x30mm (DIN P4)
  • Non-stop operating time of 90 minutes
  • Up to 15 hours of working time per day
  • 400 cm per minute document destruction speed
  • 700 document destruction speeds per minute
  • 115 liters bagable waste bin
  • 42,000 document shredding rate per hour

Physical Properties

  • Package Size: 700x645x1200 mm
  • Product Size: 560x495x950 mm
  • Gross weight: 87 kg.
  • Net Weight: 73 kg.
[:tr]En Büyük Boy Evrak İmha Makinesi[:en]Biggest Paper Shredder[:de]Die Größte Vernichtungsmaschine für Dokumente[:ar]أكبر آلة للتخلص من الورق[:]