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Mühlen PD20

Professional Spiral Binding Machine

Electric Spiral Binding Machine

Specially designed for intensive use binding operations, the PD20 model performs spiral (spring) binding. With 53 free pin system, it can punch 20 documents at a time and bind bound binding with unlimited size according to the material used.

Unlimited Binding and Margin Adjustment

With the electric spiral binding system, the user can perform spiral binding in any length and width quickly. In addition, it has 3 different margin settings as 2.5-4.5 and 6.5mm. This allows the user to adjust how close to or away from the outer corner the documents are to be drilled.

53 Free Pin Systems

Thanks to its 53 free pin systems, it provides the user with the opportunity to drill holes in the desired range, so that the user can use all the materials he wants, and the documents get a more regular and elegant appearance with varying hole intervals according to the model to be bound. Another feature of this system is that by removing the pins of the half holes coming to the corners of the document, the image to be formed in the form of a half moon can be removed.


20 Leaf Drilling at a Time

Mühlen PD 20 model can punch 20 sheets at a time with its powerful punching arm.

Thanks to the reinforced blades with 5 years guarantee, it can easily drill holes between 1 ~ 53 and 3.6 mm diameter according to the user’s preference at one time.

High Binding Quality

Our model F4 (330mm), which is developed for intensive use in offices, schools and businesses, performs fast punching and binding of unlimited sizes according to the material size, with high quality and suitable frequency thanks to its electric motor.

5 Year Blade Warranty

The PD 20 binding machine is able to perform faster drilling with renewed blade systems.

With its specially designed punching blades, it can easily perforate up to 20 sheets of paper at a time. However, the drilling blades of the model are fully guaranteed for 5 years in all situations.

Horizontal Loading and Strong Body

Model F4 (330mm) size (larger than A4) and smaller documents both vertical and horizontal drilling and binding process allows.

The model, which is extremely strong thanks to its completely metal body structure and steel internal parts, has been designed to serve with its first day performance for many years.


  • Spring (ring) shaped spiral binding machine
  • Punch up to 20 sheets at a time
  • Ability to attach documents of unlimited size and diameter
  • Fast connection with electronic motor
  • Compatible with all sizes of spiral material
  • Punching and area length: F4 (330mm)
  • 3 different margin settings: 2.5-4.5-6.5 mm
  • 53 free hole drilling systems
  • 1 ~ 53 free pin system
  • 3.6 mm diameter drilling
  • Metal body and steel internal parts
  • 5-year warranty
  • Strong design for intensive use
  • Special design for home, office and schools
  • Removable waste bin container
  • 5 years warranty on all blades
  • 24 full warranty


  • Electronic binding
  • Spiral binding
  • 15 punches in one go
  • Unlimited wide document binding
  • 3.5 mm, 46 holes
  • 3 different margin settings

Physical Properties

  • Outer Carton: 535x345x490 mm
  • Inner Carton: 500x315x470 mm
  • Machine: 460x400x490 mm
  • Gross weight: 16,5 kg.
[:tr]Profesyonel Helezon Ciltleme Makinesi[:en]Professional Spiral Binding Machine[:de]Die professionelle Spiralbindungsmaschine[:ar]آلة تجليد لفائف كهربائية[:]