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Mühlen Säge PRO A3

Professional Guillotine Machine (A3 Size)

High Capacity

With high German engineering, the MÜHLEN Säge Pro A3 can cut up to 400 sheets of A3-size document vertically and horizontally at one time. It is a heavy duty guillotine machine with professional precautions and paper cutting capacity.

Functional Trays

Thanks to the non-slip and metric scaled cutting tray, the user can easily adjust the size of the documents he wants to cut on a millimeter basis. The model offers the possibility to cut documents from both sides, and thanks to the auxiliary and openable tray, the model makes cutting much clearer and smoother.

Special Steel Cutting Blade

MÜHLEN The Säge Pro A3 model, made of special steel, keeps its first-day sharpness without loss of performance for many years. However, the reverse side of the cutting blade also doubles its performance and life.


Strong Steel Body and Parts

Thanks to its steel structure and internal components, the model is designed to provide lifetime service without the slightest wear and failure.

In addition, it completes smooth cutting of documents at one time without the slightest stretch and slippage during cutting.

Maximum Security Measure

The model has been designed to reduce the rate of all injuries to zero thanks to the safety cover and safety latch, user safety is maximized.

With the safety latch, the user must hold down the safety latch with one hand while lowering the cutting lever with one hand. The function of the safety cover ensures that hands and fingers do not enter the blade compartment of the machine.

400 Sheets at a Time

Mühlen Säge PRO A3, the highest model of our brand, has the capacity to cut 400 sheets of A3-size documents in one go both horizontally and vertically.

The 440mm cutting edge cuts and shapes all kinds of documents, photos, business cards, plastic sheets and other similar materials.

Powerful Compression Clamps

Specially designed clamps to prevent paper and documents from slipping and moving, offer a smoother and even cut.

All documents can be cut quickly and smoothly without any slippage or fuss thanks to the clamps that can compress the paper as bottom, top and back.


  • A3, or smaller size documents, pictures, cards and so on cutting regulation
  • Cutting A3 and smaller documents with 440mm cutting blade length
  • A3 size vertical and horizontal cutting up to 400 sheets at one time
  • Preventing documents from slipping with clamps
  • Smooth and accurate cut and edit in print quality
  • Maximum user safety with safety cover
  • Zero risk of injury due to safety catch
  • Paper, photo, card, plastic, etc. cutting objects
  • Double-sided cutting blade made of special steel
  • Industrial design for intensive use
  • Smooth and clear cut with support tray
  • Metric scaled cut tray
  • Ability to cut A3, A4, A5, A6 and A7 sizes
  • Easy to use with one-piece body structure
  • Easy to use with cutting blade holder
  • Functionally extendable support tray
  • Strong steel body and component structure
  • 24 months full warranty


  • A3 Size Heavy Duty
  • 440 mm Cutting Blade Mouth
  • Double Sided Cutting Blade Structure
  • 400 leaves can be cut at one time
  • Strong steel body and component structure

Physical Properties

  • Gross Weight: 26,5 Kg.
  • Carton Dimensions: 77×54,5×30 cm
  • Net Dimensions: 61x39x21 cm
[:tr]Profesyonel Giyotin Makinesi (A3 Boyutu)[:en]Professional Guillotine Machine (A3 Size)[:de]Die professionelle Schneidemaschine (A3 Format)[:ar]أع آلة المقصلة المهنية (A3 حجم))[:]