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Mühlen EB-20

Electric Spiral Binding Machine

Automatic Motor Technology

MÜHLEN EB-20 model, which works with electric motor system, can perform 20 ~ 25 document punching operations according to its thickness at one time. It is one of the most preferred models in its class with its system that can easily bind the binding process up to 400 sheets. Designed for intensive use, the EB-20 binding machine model can easily be used for thick binding.

3 Operations in One Machine

Thanks to the German-engineered model, its improved system allows easy, fast drilling, binding and binding on the model. The model with the most preferred binding style is specially manufactured for plastic spiral wires.

Easy Connectivity

Thanks to the operation arms that give the user an option, they can optionally switch to a different working system. With the help of the binding material opening lever on the model, binding holes can be performed quickly and in a single time.


Electrical System

The Mühlen EB-20 binding machine, which works with a fully electric system, drills documents placed in the hopper in a fast and stable 21 pieces and 3×8 mm dimensions with the help of the foot pedal or the green button on the side of the machine.

Thanks to the electric motor, the user does not show strength to pierce the documents.

Binding up to 400 Sheets

Our model, which performs automatic binding and binding operations between 10 ~ 400 sheets at one time easily and quickly, connects each other at the end of the process by keeping the previously punched leaves easily with its specially developed binding arm.

Thanks to its extra maintenance and non-spoiling parts, it always works with the high performance of the first day.

Free Pin System

The most important feature of the EB-20 is that it has a pin free pin ”system.In MÜHLEN EB-20 model, it allows the user to not drill the corners of the documents and adjust the distance of 21 holes according to his wish.

In this way, the unpleasant appearance of the half holes in the corners and edges is prevented and a more elegant and uniform binding is performed.

Margin Adjustment and Waste Bin

With improved margin adjustment, the model features a 3-stage margin system for how much internal or external document holes are set.

The user can perforate the documents at any rate by leaving 3.5 and 7 mm margins. However, the paper waste generated during the punching process is stored in the waste bin, allowing it to be easily discharged.


  • Document drilling with electric motor system
  • Punching up to 20 ~ 25 documents at a time
  • Drilling in desired range with free pin system
  • 21 pcs and 3x8mm hole drilling ages
  • Binding up to 400 sheets
  • 3-step margin adjustment, 3 different corner gaps
  • Drilling holes with motor pedal or motor button
  • Proportional binding with the left document clamp vise
  • Easily ties up to 400 sheets at a time
  • Binding with the help of manual arm
  • Special production for plastic spiral binding
  • Removable waste bin container
  • 24 months full warranty


  • Electric motor drilling
  • 20 ~ 25 paper punching at a time
  • Binding up to 400 Sheets
  • 3x8mm hole drilling dimensions
  • 21 free pin system

Physical Properties

  • Product package size: 425x320x245 mm
  • Machine size: 435x275x200 mm
  • Gross Weight: 12 kg
  • Net Weight: 10,5 kg
[:tr]Elektrikli Spiral Ciltleme Makinesi[:en]Electric Spiral Binding Machine[:de]Die elektrische Spiralbindungsmaschine[:ar]آلة تجليد لولبية كهربائية[:]