Since 2011, our company is engaged MÜHLEN brand distributor in Turkey, it has been operating in
Institutional and individual in Turkey, MÜHLEN brand with the large reference list of over 30 thousand has also office machines based on their wide selection of models for every need.
” MÜHLEN “brand’s Turkey distributor Karadeniz Dış Ticaret.

Perfect Design

All of our products have been designed with precision to the finest detail and have been put into production after passing many quality tests.

Economic Price

Quality and functionality compared to having lower economic price MÜHLEN office equipment, sales are made to every province in Turkey.

Beyond Expectations

Our Mühlen office machine models, which have quality and functionality beyond expectations, are guaranteed for 2 years.

Customer Delight

Having over 90% repeated orders from the same customers, MÜHLEN aims to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.


High Mühlen brand with German engineering, and expert service and sales staff trained in Turkey we have been serving since 2011.
The Mühlen the leader in our country, office machines Turkey, holding the highest level of product quality, has a more affordable price and 100% customer satisfaction.
In our country 10 years as a leader in a short time Mühlen rising in the office machine, Turkey offers sales and service to each region.


Mühlen brand distributor in Turkey as a part of the production line in the coming years, we plan to transfer our country from Germany and other countries. In this context, raising the export and technological capabilities of our country, we aim to contribute more to the economy of Turkey.
Founded in Germany in 1960 Mühlen brand and the Black Sea Mühlen distributor in Turkey in 2011. Foreign Trade, We aim to continue increasing our strong collaboration with the brand. However, a portion of the production line moving to Turkey in the coming years we aim to here and exported all over the world.

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