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Mühlen Master 5

Fully Automatic Mixed Money Counting Machine (All Coins)

Mixed Money Counting in All Coins

 MÜHLEN Master 5 model, which can count TL, USD, EURO, GBP, RUB, SAR country currencies mixed, shows the count totals and count detail list on the large LCD TFT screen. In addition to the money of 6 different countries loaded, more than 10 countrie’s money can be loaded easily according to the user’s request.

User Friendly & Smart Menus

With its touchscreen wide TFT color display and easy menu systems, the user-friendly model has fixed / mixed decking and addition / collection features.

Advanced Counting Options

The model, which counts money perfectly and without any unnecessary errors, has 4 different counting systems: mixed money, single value, old new emission and flat count. In addition, the model, which has an extremely compact design, has a creative and stylish structure.

100% Counterfeit Detection

The MÜHLEN Master 5 model with the “DUAL CIS V9” technology tests the counterfeit from 43 different points by reading both sides of the money at the time of money counting and detects 100% fake money accordingly, and warns the user in writing, sound and light.

Color TFT Touch Screen

The MÜHLEN Master 5 model, which has a 3.5 inch color TFT screen, not only displays the count totals and details, but also allows the settings of the machine to be performed on the touch screen.

Apart from this, it is aimed to see the counting results of the customers with the help of the external display.

Get Serial Number & Connect to Printer

Thanks to its DUAL CIS V9 system, Master 5 model has the feature to take the serial number of the coins (TL, USD, EURO, GBP) in any case regardless of direction and face.

It has the feature of saving the serial numbers it has received on the TF memory card, displaying it on the screen, transferring it to the PC or printing the printer. (Printer and TF memory card are purchased externally.)

Old and New Emission Coins

The model, which has 3 different speed levels, is able to count new and old emission coins as well as different emission coins (e.g. new-old 100 €).

In addition, the model has 3 different step speeds that the user can easily change.

Technical Specifications

  • Mixed Coins: TL, USD, EURO, GBP, RUB, SAR
  • TL, USD, EURO, GBP, RUB, SAR Counterfeit detection rate: 100%
  • 100% accurate counting with AL DUAL CIS V9 technology
  • Touch 3.5 inch 3D TFT LCD color screen system
  • Counting Options: Mixed, Single Coin, Old / New Emission, Flat Count
  • Transfer counting results and serial numbers to PC
  • Accurate and flawless counting of new and old coins in one pass
  • Display of total and detail list of counted currencies
  • Written, audible and light warning system
  • Saving count reports and serial numbers to TF card
  • Coins received from serial number: TL, USD, EURO, GBP
  • Money recognition and accuracy tests: from 43 different points
  • Detection and separation of old and new emission coins
  • Counting old and new emission coins at the same time
  • Ability to print counting reports and serial numbers
  • Instant export to reports with time and date setting
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance with opening lid system
  • Easy operation with external customer display
  • Automatic or manual counting options
  • Easy update via Flash Memory
  • Add / collect and stack feature
  • Counting stacking hopper capacity: 200 pcs
  • Stack Feeding Capacity: 200 Pieces
  • Compact, creative & stylish design
  • Counting speed: 3 different steps
  • 24 Months Full Warranty


  • 6 different countries benefit counting mixed
  • Color TFT touch screen
  • Getting serial numbers from all directions
  • Capture 100% counterfeit money
  • Compact and stylish design
  • DUAL CIS V9 system
  • Economic price

Physical Properties

  • Dimensions: 258 (W) x340 (D) x202 (Y)
  • Gross Weight: 8 kg.
  • Net Weight: 6 kg.
  • Interface: USB, Printer Port, RJ11
[:tr]Tam Otomatik Karışık Para Sayma Makinesi (Bütün Paralar)[:en]Fully Automatic Mixed Money Counting Machine (All Coins)[:de]Die vollautomatische und gemischte Geldzählmaschine (alle Münzen)[:ar]ماكينة مهلان ماستر لعد النقود المختلطة[:]