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Mühlen Türkiye

Mühlen Pro 60Lt-M

Large Size Full Professional Briefcase Paper Shredder

120 Minutes Non-Stop Working Time

MÜHLEN Pro 60Lt-M, which has the longest running time without interruption, can operate the model Stop Non-Stop 120 for 120 minutes continuously. The ergonomic, double-door and removable 60-liter waste hopper can easily destroy 36,000 pages in 2 hours.

Fast and Secure Document Shredding

The model, capable of destroying 4 meters per minute, shreds 22 sheets of paper at the same time. This means that it has the capacity to shred 300 documents per minute and 35,000 documents in 2 hours. Developed for intensive use offices, the model is specially designed for common area use.

Top Security Measures

Designed exclusively with user safety in mind, our MÜHLEN Pro 60Lt-M model provides extra security with its specially developed sensors, feed opening and lock system. The model has completely reduced human injuries to zero, taking into account all kinds of injuries.


Intensive Use Archive Destruction

Designed for intensive use, the Mühlen Pro 60Lt-M document shredder can easily destroy 36,000 sheets of documents in 2 hours without stopping.

This high capacity document shredder can easily destroy even the largest archive.

Micro Scale Document Shredding

The model, which divides the documents to be destroyed into micro pieces of DIN P4 level of 3×25 mm, which is impossible to read and merge, has the ability to destroy 22 documents at one time.

The model is also available with separate cutting hoppers for documents and for CD / DVD.

Most Quiet Document Shredding

In contrast to its large size, the model with the lowest operating noise level produces operating noise below 50 dB.

This quiet operation is of great importance in terms of keeping the attention of the employees in the office environments and in terms of business performance.

Automatic Jam Prevention

Thanks to the Jam Anti-Jam technology, it automatically returns the jammed paper and protects its engine and moving parts in case of paper destruction beyond its capacity.

In addition, in case of document destruction over 2 hours, the system automatically cools the heating engine.


  • Non-Stop 120 minutes of destruction
  • Noise level below 50 dB (super silent)
  • 36 thousand document shredding capacity in two hours
  • Up to 15 hours active shredding time per day
  • Capacity to destroy 22 sheets at the same time
  • Document shredding at DIN P4 safety level
  • Micro-document shredding feature
  • 3×25 mm document shredding dimensions
  • 400 cm per minute document shredding speed
  • Anti-jamming technology (Anti-Jam)
  • Separate feeding and shredding chamber for CD / DVD
  • Document and media feed widths: 220mm– 126mm
  • Not affected by objects such as staples and paper clips
  • Automatic document retrieval and shredding feature
  • Ergonomic double door with 60 liter waste bin
  • Drawer and bag waste box
  • Automatic engine cooling technology
  • Intelligent user warning lights
  • Automatic stop when document is finished
  • Automatic stop when waste bin is full
  • Automatic stop feature when the drawer is opened
  • Manual operation with user keypads
  • Energy saving with Sleep-Time technology
  • 4 wheels for transportation
  • Manual and automatic system structure
  • Manual forward and rewind buttons
  • 5 years warranty for shredding blades
  • 24 months full warranty


  • DIN P4 micro-size document shredding
  • Non-stop operation for 120 minutes
  • 36 thousand document shredding capacity in two hours
  • 400 cm per minute document shredding speed
  • Up to 15 hours active shredding time per day
  • Capacity to destroy 22 sheets at the same time
  • Noise level below 50 dB (super silent)

Physical Properties

  • Dimensions: Height 879 x Width 450 x Depth 338mm
  • Weight: 39,5 Kg.
  • Voltage: 220-240V50Hz.
  • Suitable Current: 6.0 Amp.
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