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Mühlen Eko 502DC

Cross Cut Document Destruction Machine

Super Silent Model

The quietest model of its class, Mühlen Eko 502DC paper shredder, is specially designed for offices and homes. Our non-stop model, which can run for 10 minutes, has the best in its class with its noise level and speed. Mühlen Eko-502DC model with a noise level below 53 dB offers a unique experience with its improved cutting blades and motor.

High Shredding Speed

With a performance far above its size, the model is capable of destroying 5 sheets of paper at a time with a shredding rate of 2.22 meters per minute. With its powerful blade system capable of destroying more than 40 documents per minute, it is not affected by foreign objects such as staples on paper.

Cross / Confetti Cut 4x35mm

Contrary to its small size, the Mühlen Eko 502DC model with its powerful motor and blade system shreds 5 sheets of 4×35 mm confetti at the same time. However, in case of any paper jam, it stops the shredding and protects the motor. Then the user can press the an REW button to retrieve the jammed documents.


Continuous Non-Stop 10 Minutes Work

Compared to its small size, the model is able to run continuously for 10 minutes thanks to its powerful motor and during this period it can destroy 350 documents continuously.

During the day, it can work for a total of 4 hours. Considering that the continuous operation limits of small size machines are 1 ~ 2 minutes on average, it is understood that our model has a power much higher than the average models thanks to the DC motor.

User Warning Lights

When the waste bin is full and the engine becomes hot due to overrun, the machine warns the user with the LED light system. In this way, Mühlen 502DC model automatically stops the machine and puts the system on standby.

With extra warning system that protects the engine and motor parts, it helps the user for long life.

8,5 Liters Drawer Waste Bin

Mühlen Eko 502DC model with drawer and removable 8.5 Liter waste bin has a transparent window system for easy viewing of the occupancy rate by the user.

However, it has sensors that check that the waste bin drawer is in place. In this way, the machine immediately stops document destruction as soon as the waste bin is removed.

Sliding Switch

Thanks to the user-friendly sliding switch, the machine can be switched on and off, set to destroy documents in the automatic system, or manually destroy the document with the forward and rewind system, and retrieve and cancel the document to be destroyed.


  • Shredding Confetti / cross cut
  • Shredding size: 4x35mm (DIN P4)
  • Individual solution for home and office
  • Super quiet operation noise: <53dB
  • Document shredding speed of 220 mm per minute
  • 80 document shredding speeds per minute
  • Continuous operating time: 10 minutes
  • Total working time in days: 4 ~ 5 hours
  • Document destruction capacity at one time: 5 sheets
  • Waste bin with drawers and transparent windows
  • 8,5 Liter waste bin container
  • Machine feed inlet 220 mm
  • Automatic stop and rollback to prevent jamming
  • User friendly with LED light warning system
  • Automatic start and stop system
  • Automatic standby mode against overheating
  • Automatic stop feature when the waste bin is opened
  • Not affected by foreign objects such as staples
  • Automatic stop and component protection under overload
  • Motor and component protection system
  • Automatic or manual destruction start
  • Automatic stop after destruction
  • User-friendly shoot command switch
  • 24 months full warranty


  • Super quiet operation noise: <53dB
  • 80 Pieces / Minute document shredding speed
  • 4x35mm shredding with confetti / cross cut
  • Continuous operating time: 10 minutes
  • Total working time in days: 4 ~ 5 hours
  • Waste bin container with drawers and transparent windows

Physical Properties

  • Gross Dimensions: 370 (D) x200 (W) x350 (H) mm
  • Net Dimensions: 320 (D) x170 (W) x327 (H) mm
  • Gross weight: 5,10 kg.
  • Net Weight: 4.60 kg.
[:tr]Çapraz Kesim Evrak İmha Makinesi[:en]Cross Cut Document Destruction Machine[:de]Die Kreuzschnitte Aktenvernichter[:ar]آلة التخلص من الأوراق الشاملة[:]