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Mühlen DS 3362

Intensive Use Cash Drawer

Telescopic Drawer Rail

Thanks to the improved telescopic rail and lock system, the drawer opens smoothly after turning the key or pressing the cash register. In the same way, when closing, it closes softly, almost touch. The most robust and durable model in its class, the Mühlen DS 3362 cash drawer, is made of industrial steel.

High Quality Tests

The Mühlen DS 3362 cash drawer has successfully passed over 3 million on-off tests. Thanks to the telescopic rail system, it is designed to be used for life without any wear. However, the model is an advanced cash drawer with its steel body structure and anti-static paint against scratching.

Large Cash Drawers

Mühlen DS 3362 model, which has 8 coin compartments and 6 paper money drawers, has 1 hidden money slot. The large drawer partitions that can be easily replaced can offer the user a great ease of use. Made of extra reinforced PVC material, the inner money eyes are resistant to all kinds of impacts.

Structure for Intensive Use

The DS 3362 cash drawer model, specially designed for high-volume retail stores, has a stronger and more durable body structure thanks to the special industrial materials used.

The improved locking system ensures excellent safety and durability.

Easy Cash Register Connection

Our Mühlen DS 3362 model can work in harmony with all cash registers and can be integrated to the cash register with the connection cable.

It provides convenience to the user with the drawer system which can be opened automatically when the cash button on the cash register is pressed.

3 Stage Lock System

Our model, which offers great convenience to the user with 3-stage lock system developed for high security, has been designed by taking precautions against all kinds of security problems.

Open, closed and can be used automatically with the system, you can open and close the drawer manually or cash register can be opened with the cash button.

Long-term use

Covered with a reinforced steel plate, our DS 3362 is extra resistant to any impact, puncture and cut from outside.

Thanks to the telescopic rail system, it is made resistant to all kinds of wear that may occur due to use.


  • Telescopic rail system with touch on / off
  • 6 changeable coin drawers
  • 8 changeable paper money drawers
  • 1 slot for big and hidden coins
  • Open the drawer with the latch under the body
  • Integrated system that works with all cash registers
  • 1st stage open, 2nd steps automatic, 3rd steps closed
  • Successful over 3 million usage tests
  • Narrow and medium length, can be used in confined space
  • Body structure made of special industrial steel
  • Special strong PVC production domestic money eyes
  • Removable coin eyes
  • Anti-static oven paint against scratching
  • 24 months warranty


  • Over 3 million switching tests
  • Touch on / off
  • Narrow and long body structure
  • Telescopic rail system
  • 6 coin drawers
  • 8 paper money drawers

Physical Properties

  • Gross weight: 12,9 kg.
  • Net Weight: 12 kg
  • Carton Dimensions: 47.8 cm x 38.5 cm x 19.0 cm
  • Net Dimensions: 34,6 cm x 42,2 cm x 13,8 cm
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