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Mühlen Makute

Portable Air Blowing Machine / Compressor

Perfect Clean

Mühlen Makute air blower compressor has been specially developed for the cleaning of electronic devices and machines. Designed by combining condensed blowing and drawing. Our model, which is equivalent to 1500 Watt with 600 Watt power, operates with high engine power.

1300 Revolutions

Makute model, which has a power of 1300 revolutions per minute, has the ability to blow or draw 2.3m³ air in 1 minute. Thus, dust extraction or blowing in the necessary devices provides clear results in a short time.

Replacement Carbon Brush

Two spare carbon brushes that come with the device provide superior performance for many years. In this way, it can be used as it was in the first day without loss of performance in a lifetime sufficient for an average usage.


Wire Cooper Wire Technology

Makute portable air blowing machine, which is produced using the latest technologies, provides long-term use by working like the first day without losing the power of the engine for many years thanks to Wire Cooper Wire technology.

Low Electricity Consumption

Our Makute model, which provides low electricity consumption, is designed to be equivalent to the power of 1500 Watt machines while operating with 600 Watt power.

In this way, you can save energy and clean the devices and machines easily with high power.

Dust Filter

With the zippered motor dust filter supplied with the air blowing machine, you can easily handle the cleaning operations.

220-240-V 50 / 60Hz electrical power, our Makute model, robust engine and body structure is designed for long-term use.

Portable & Small Construction

Mühlen Makute air blowing compressor, which takes up very little space, can easily be carried and used anywhere.

In addition to its small design, it stands out with its power and can be used for years without losing performance.


  • Renewed and intensified blowing and drawing
  • No loss of performance with Wire Cooper and Wire technology
  • 600W motor power equivalent to 1500 Watt
  • Special production for machine and computer cleaning
  • Low power consumption motor system
  • Easy operation motor dust filter with zipper
  • Reinforced extra robust body structure
  • With two spare carbon brushes
  • Small footprint with portable design
  • Continuous blowing with fixing latch
  • 2.3m³ air blowing per minute
  • 1300 rpm engine speed
  • Consumption: 220-240-V-50 / 60hz
  • Flexible blowing nozzle
  • 24 months full warranty


  • Superior success with Wire Cooper Wire technology
  • 600W motor power equivalent to 1500 Watt
  • Air blowing and air extraction
  • 2.3m³ air blowing per minute
  • 1300 rpm engine speed

Physical Properties

  • With Plastic Blowing Mouth
  • Dimensions of the net: 370mm X 210mm X 170 mm Length – Height – Thickness
  • Net Weight: 1150 gr.
[:tr]Portatif Hava Üfleme Makinesi / Kompresörü[:en]Portable Air Blowing Machine / Compressor[:de]Tragbare Luftblasmaschine / Kompressor[:ar]جهاز نفخ الهواء القابل للحمل /ضاغط الهواء مهلان ماكوته[:]