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Mühlen Säge MT-402

4 Function Sliding Trimmer

Ergonomic and Four Function

The MÜHLEN Säge MT-402 sliding guillotine machine with four different paper-forming blades can edit up to 10 documents at a time. However, it can be used both on hand and on the table with its foldable body structure.

4 Functional Cutting

The MÜHLEN Säge MT-402 is one of the most preferred models with its functional features as well as easy operation. Thanks to the rotating head, the user can easily adjust the cut (straight cut, wavy cut, knurled cut and fold line).

Self-Sharpening Knife System

The model has a blade system that automatically sharpens itself by means of friction during each document cutting process and has been working for years with high performance. In addition to this, it provides error-free and smooth cutting with its specially produced cutting rail system.


Portable and Foldable Body

The model, which can be carried anywhere with its minimal design, can also be fixed on the table.

The Mühlen Säge MT-402 has an easily foldable body and has a metric-based cutting scale.

10 Sheets at a Time

Mühlen The Säge MT-402 model can easily shape up to 10 sheets of paper and photos at once with a reinforced blade system.

In this way, our model provides creative and artistic cutting possibilities and offers smooth cuts to the user.

All Document Types

A4, A5, A6 and A7 sizes of all paper, business cards and photographs can cut the model, has an economical price and ergonomic structure.

In addition, the cutting table, scaled on a metric basis, allows the user to cut documents accurately and precisely.

24 Months Full Warranty

Designed for long-term individual use, the MT-402 has a 24-month warranty on all parts, including the improved blade system.

Our model, which can work for many years without losing any of its high performance, provides warranty support in all possible problems.


  • Cutting and shaping up to 10 documents at one time
  • 4 different cuts: straight, wavy, knurled and paper bending
  • Documents he / she pays: paper, photos, documents, etc.
  • All documents in A4 size and smaller
  • Automatic knife sharpening at every cutting
  • Easy alignment with ruler on metric basis
  • Smooth cutting with special rail system
  • Easily portable folding body
  • Foldable body structure
  • Ergonomic size economic price
  • 320 mm cutting blade chamber
  • Smooth neat cut
  • 24 months full warranty


  • Foldable sliding guillotine
  • 4 different cutting methods
  • Documents, photos, business cards, etc.
  • A4 and smaller documents
  • Economical and ergonomic

Physical Properties

  • Product Size: 455 x 190 x 80 mm 
  • Net Weight: 0,535 Kg.
[:tr]4 Fonksiyonlu Sürgülü Giyotin[:en]4 Function Sliding Trimmer[:de]Die 4 Funktionsschiebe Trümmer[:ar]4 وظيفة مقصلة مقفل[:]