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Mühlen Türkiye

Mühlen 20Lt-C

Cross Paper Shredder

Low Noise Level & Long Run Time

Designed with high German engineering, the model is built for medium-intensive use. The HS12C model with 20 liters waste bin operates for 20 ~ 30 minutes (non-stop) with a low noise level of less than 55dB for 20 ~ 30 minutes (10 hours of operation per day).

Confetti Shredding

The 20Lt-C model, capable of cutting confetti (4x35mm), 2.5 meters per minute, can destroy 12 sheets of documents at a time. It is ideal for in-office shared use, with the ability to shred 100 documents per minute and confetti up to a total of 10000 documents per day.

Long Working Time

It is ideal for medium-intensive use all day long thanks to its powerful motor and parts that can work non-stop for 20 ~ 30 minutes. Being the most economical model of its class, MÜHLEN HS12C can destroy 2700 pages of documents continuously and easily destroy media such as CD / DVD and credit card.


Full Automatic System

Our model, which starts to work as soon as the document is put into the feeding mouth with automatic perception sensor, stops automatically when the document is finished.

In the event of a jam, the machine stops automatically and offers the possibility to easily clear the jam with the forward or reverse keys.

Fast, Powerful & Quiet

The shredding blades of the model, which is capable of destroying documents at 2.5 meters per minute and 12 sheets at the same time, are made of reinforced special steel and have a 5-year guarantee.

The model, which operates continuously for 20 ~ 30 minutes, is designed to serve life-free, depending on the condition of use.

Safe against injuries

The improved feeding chamber does not allow any possible hand and finger injuries. The waste box drawer of the Mühlen 20Lt-C model, which automatically stops operating when opened, is equipped with extra safety systems for zero risk of injury to the blade and mouth.

Smart and User Friendly

It has intelligent and lighted systems that warn the user to cool the engine when the waste bin drawer is opened, when the waste bin is full, or when a jam occurs as a result of overloading the document, or after a non-stop operation for more than 30 minutes.

However, for easy transport of the machine in the office there are 4 wheels with 2 brakes.


  • Confetti / Cross cut, paper shredding, (4x35mm)
  • Easy to use with automatic start and stop system
  • 5 years warranty shredding blades made of special steel
  • Destruction and recovery with manual rewind buttons
  • Up to 10 hours of operation during the day
  • Continuous operation of 20 ~ 30 minutes
  • Shredding up to 12 sheets at one time
  • Shredding safety level: DIN P4
  • Automatic and manual operation system
  • Cutting speed: 2.5 meters / minute
  • Cutting speed: 12×2,5x30min = 2700 pages
  • 20 liter capacity drawer waste bin
  • Disposal without being affected by wire punch
  • Paper, card, CD / DVD and so on extermination
  • User warning lights
  • Automatic stop in case of overheating with motor protection system
  • Caution: open drawer, full drawer, overwork, jamming
  • Super quiet with noise level below 55 decibels
  • Automatic stop feature when the drawer is opened
  • For transport, 4 wheels with 2 brakes
  • User manual in English
  • 400 Watt motor power
  • 24 months full warranty


  • Disposal of up to 12 sheets at a time
  • Non-stop operation for 20 ~ 30 minutes
  • Up to 10 hours of document destruction per day
  • Shredding: confetti / cross cut
  • 5 years cutting blade warranty

Physical Properties

  • Net Weight: 12,5 Kg
  • Gross Weight: 14 GW
  • Product Size: 375 x 268 x 525 mm
  • Package Size: 450x345x560 mm
  • Operating Voltage: 220-240-260V
  • Noise level: Less than 55 db
[:tr]Çapraz Kesim Evrak İmha Makinesi[:en]Cross Paper Shredder[:de]Die Kreuzschnitte Aktenvernichter[:ar]آلة التخلص من الأوراق الشاملة[:]