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Mühlen Elegant LM-330DN

Professional A3 Size Laminating Machine

High German Engineering

MÜHLEN LM-330DN laminating machine, which is produced for enterprises with heavy traffic all day long, binds all documents such as A3 and smaller size documents, photos and identity in the most uniform way. In addition, the model automatically puts itself into standby mode when it is not working, thus saving energy.

Lamination Between 75 ~ 200 Micron

The model has a 2-year warranty with powerful systems that ensure that laminating films of 75 ~ 200 microns are coated in one smooth and glossy form in one go and in the most uniform manner.

A3 Size Document Coating

With a document feed inlet width of 330 mm, the model covers laminating films of A3 and smaller sizes and between 75 ~ 200 microns smoothly and glossily at one time. It performs lamination of documents, IDs, photographs and other documents that are taken care of in a tightness that will not leak air and water at one time and will not be opened for many years.

Do Not Jam and Stick

The biggest handicap in lamination machines, jamming, adhesion and burning conditions, patented jam-free system in this model thanks to this and similar situations are absolutely not experienced.

In no way, during the lamination, does the lamination material wind up and stick to the rolls of the machine.

Super Fast – 500mm / Minute

500 mm per minute. model, such as high laminating coating speed, smooth and ultra-bright PVC at one time.

The model, which has a unique speed compared to other models, has been designed to serve for many years without loss of performance even in the most intensive use with its cylinder system having 4 different structures at the same time.

Each 4 Different Cylinder Structure

Thanks to 4 special production roll systems, each of which has different structure, it can laminate quickly and brightly at one time.

In addition to its speed, the biggest advantage of 4 different roll systems is the fact that it covers the laminating films in a manner that is highly resistant to any kind of opening, breaking, wrinkling, water and dust permeation for at least 10 years.

LED Display / Automatic & Manual Operation

The model allows the user to instantly see the desired temperature by writing the LED on the LED display by turning the temperature adjustment latch to the right and left, and the green warning lights indicate that it reaches the set temperature.

In addition to the automatic film coating, the model also allows for manual lamination with the back-and-forth buttons.


  • Film overlay sizes: A3 and smaller, document, photo, ID, etc.
  • 4-cylinder roller system, each with a different structure
  • Excellent gloss and quality lamination in one go
  • System designed for day size intensive use
  • Lamination between 75 ~ 200 (x2) micron
  • Jam-Free technology does not bond to rollers
  • Jam-Free technology does not compress cylinders
  • 500 mm per minute lamination film coating speed
  • Hot and cold lamination
  • Automatic stop after lamination
  • Save time and energy with hibernation
  • Instant on-screen monitoring with temperature adjustment latch
  • LED display warning when required temperature is reached
  • Automatic document detection and automatic film coating
  • Manual film coating with forward and rewind buttons
  • Safe use with automatic temperature sensing thermostat
  • Reaching maximum temperature level between 3 ~ 5 minutes
  • 330 mm wide feed hopper inlet
  • All metal and strong body structure
  • Power: 220-240V and 50Hz
  • 24 months warranty


  • For A3 and smaller document sizes
  • Different 4-cylinder lamination structure
  • Excellent gloss film coating
  • Does not wrap and stick to rollers
  • 500mm per minute lamination speed
  • Automatic / Manual lamination
  • Temperature monitoring with LED display
  • 75 ~ 200 micron film coating

Physical Properties

  • Machine Size (mm): 500 * 210 * 110
  • Carton Size (mm): 558 * 155 * 239
  • Gross Weight (kg.): 7,5
  • Power (W): 600
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