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Mühlen Türkiye

Mühlen Säge MT-401

Affordable Artistic Paper Cutting

Sliding and Four Function

MÜHLEN Säge MT-401 model, which has 4 different cutting features, can edit paper, photographs and similar documents by cutting them on an artistic scale. The model combines 4 different features in one machine: straight cut, wavy cut, knurled cut and paper bending.

Portable Design

Developed specifically for easy and smooth cutting of A4 and smaller documents, the MT401, the smallest and most practical model of our brand, can be used for many years with high performance above expectations.

Self-Sharpening Knife System

With its specially designed alloyed aluminum rail system, it provides error-free and high-performance cutting forming without any wear even in long-term use. With its self-sharpening blade system, it does not suffer loss of performance for many years.


4-Function Cutting

It is the most preferred paper shaper with its ergonomic size and economical price.

The model has 4 different blades, straight, wavy, perforated and bending.

Folding Ruler

Thanks to the metric ruler system on it, it enables all documents to be cut more smoothly.

At the same time, it can be opened with the ruler system offers extra ease of use.

Rotary Blade System

Our model, which has 4 different blade systems, provides convenience to the user with the help of the head on it, which allows the user to prefer the cutting shape.

In addition, it is designed to serve for many years without the smallest margin of error thanks to its custom-built slide.

24 Months Full Warranty

The Säge Mt-401, developed for individual use, has a full 24-month full warranty, including the blade system.
However, it is designed to be used for many years without losing any performance or blade sharpness.


  • Ergonomic and economical sliding paper cutting system
  • Functional with 4 different blades and cutting system
  • Straight, wavy, knurled and paper bending cuts
  • Small size for home and individual use
  • Ease of use with sliding structure
  • Straight and Knurled: 5 sheets cut at one time
  • Wavy cutting and bending: 4 sheets at a time
  • Self-sharpening blade system
  • Documents you can cut: Paper, photos, etc.
  • Forming A4 and smaller documents
  • Artistic and creative cutting
  • Easy alignment with marking scale
  • 304 mm cutting slider
  • 24 months full warranty


  • Sliding paper, photo cutting
  • 4 different cutting and forming
  • Straight, knurled, wavy and bending
  • Ergonomic and economic model
  • For A4 and smaller documents

Physical Properties

  • Product Size: 391 x 108 x 33 mm
  • Net Weight: 0,28 Kg.
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