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Mühlen EUP 5555

Oversized Cash Register Cash Drawer

Large Volume (XL Size)

Large and stylish structure and 46x43x12 cm. Dimensions, MÜHLEN EUP5555 cash register drawer has a steel body structure which is coated with anti-static oven paint against scratches. In addition, the drawer front of the model is made of stainless steel to give a more elegant appearance.

Developed for Intensive Use

The model developed for intensive use with both telescopic rail system and steel body structure, especially thanks to the telescopic rail system, the cash drawer is almost closed and opened by touch. The telescopic rail system does not allow any hard closing or hard opening.

3 Million Closing and Opening Tests

Mühlen EUP 5555 has undergone more than 3 million usage (on and off) tests before it goes into mass production and has successfully passed these tests. As a result of these tests, no wear or deterioration occurred in the model and the moving parts of the model.

8 x 5 x 2 Money Drawers

The Mühlen EUP 5555 cash drawer has 8 user-adjustable coin compartments, 5 claw paper drawers and two hidden cash slots. In addition to the metal body structure, the drawers are made of reinforced PVC.

Easy Connection to All Cash Register

EUP 5555 model, which can be easily integrated with all brands and model cash registers with connection cable, works fast and in harmony with the cash register it is connected to.

There is a drawer system that opens automatically by pressing the cash button on the cash register.

Security Lock & Hidden Safety Lock System

Mühlen EUP 5555 wide cash drawer model which provides high level security with improved 3-stage security system, can be used with 3-stage (1-Open, 2-Automatic, 3-Closed) key system or with the help of concealed latch located under the drawer in case the key is lost, also opens.

Long-Term Warranty

With over 3 million tests and 100% success, the MÜHLEN EUP 5555 intensive use cash drawer model keeps its first day performance safe and secure.

Also guaranteed by all kinds of problems versus MÜHLEN Turkey is guaranteed for 24 months.


  • More than 3 million on and off tests
  • 46x43x12 cm large volume cash drawer
  • Anti static oven paint on steel body structure
  • Soft opening / closing thanks to telescopic rail system
  • 3-stage security lock (1.Open, 2.Auto, 3.Off)
  • Cash drawer connection and drawer opening feature
  • Stainless steel drawer front structure
  • 8 pcs sizes changeable coin eyes
  • 5 metal clawed paper money drawers
  • 2 hidden money entry slots
  • Anti-static oven paint against scratching
  • Drawer concealed and closed release latch
  • Custom made PVC drawer inside the money eyes
  • Manual or automatic drawer opening and closing
  • Special system developed for intensive use
  • 24 months full warranty


  • Telescopic rail system
  • Large size cash drawer
  • Anti static paint on steel body
  • 5 pieces of paper, 8 pieces of coin
  • More than 3 million on / off tests
  • Easy cash register connection

Physical Properties

  • Gross weight: 12,5 kg.
  • Net Weight: 11,5 kg
  • Carton Dimensions: 48.7 cm x 51.5 cm x 15 cm
  • Net Dimensions: 46 cm x 42.8 cm x 12 cm
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