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Mühlen Türkiye

Mühlen Säge GL-410-M

Five in One Place Sword Trimmer Scissors

Functional Use

Specially developed for professional use, MÜHLEN Säge GL-410-M sword guillotine machine is the most advanced model in its class with 5 different features. Combining 5 different cutting functions and features on a single machine, our model also has a cutting blade with sword.

5 Different Cutting Types

Straight, wavy, knurled, corner rounding and track making, including 5 different cutting model, the model cuts 10 documents at a time. The special cutting blades on the cutting table of the model are self-sharpening.

User Security

The specially designed cutting tray prevents paper from slipping. However, thanks to the extra safety and protection systems developed in spite of possible hand and finger injuries during cutting, the model minimizes the risk of injury and provides document cutting service safely.


Metal Body Structure

The model, which has a completely metal body, is able to shape the documents and pictures to the extent required by the user thanks to the metric scaled feed table.

The easy-to-grasp cutting blade allows clear and smooth cuts, while at the same time it is self-sharpening at every cutting moment.

Self-Sharpening Sword System

With its self-sharpening knife system, it is possible to make accurate and smooth cuts without loss of performance even during long-term use.

The knife system Mühlen GL-410M does not require any sharpening from the outside and does not lose performance for many years.

Professional Cutting

With the Steel Stainless blade system, our GL-410-M model can cut all documents, photos and files easily in A4 and smaller sizes.

Designed specifically for offices, the Gl-410-M is best in class for professional use.

Ease of Use

Metric scale and non-slip base system provides the user with a great ease of use, the adjustable cutting head allows to adjust the blade tightness.

In addition, thanks to the buffer stabilizer on the tray system, it ensures that documents remain stable and cut straight.


  • Straight cut, wavy cut, jagged cut, paper bending, corner rounding
  • Sword guillotine shear machine with 5 different cut shape
  • Documents Cut: Paper, Photo, Cardboard etc.
  • A4 and smaller documents (A4 / A5 / A6 / A7)
  • Self-sharpening feature at every cut
  • 10 paper cuts at a time
  • A4 documents can be cut horizontally and vertically
  • Smooth cutting with special steel cutting blade
  • Easy to handle cutting knife handle
  • Separate cutting blade for corner rounding
  • Shield to prevent hand and finger injuries
  • Allow scissor stiffness adjustment
  • Metric scaled cutting table
  • Magnetic pad to prevent documents from slipping
  • Straight cut with non-slip cutting table
  • Cutting table size: 250x320mm
  • 320 mm cutting blade container
  • 24 months full warranty


  • Five in one place guillotine scissors
  • Cutting 10 sheets at a time
  • Straight, wavy, knurled, bending, rounding
  • For A4 and smaller documents
  • Self-sharpening blade system

Physical Properties

  • Dimensions: 350 x 300 x 60 mm
  • Weight. 2.20 kg.
[:tr]Beşi Bir Yerde Kılıçlı Giyotin Makas[:en]Five in One Place Sword Trimmer Scissors[:de]Die Fünf Schwert Trümmer[:ar]خمسة منهم في مكان ما بمقص مقصلة سيف[:]