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Mühlen Biene

Rechargeable / Battery Operated Mobile Banknote Counter

Portable, Rechargeable and Battery Operated

Mühlen Biene is a portable banknote counter, which designed especially for mobile collectors.

This model which lets yoy to collect money and payment as mobile, designed battey operated and portable size.

Portable, Mobile and Hand Size

It is designed to count every money type in the world and can catch any kind of fake money during counting.

Thanks to Mühlen Biene has high quality Li-On battery you can use easily in every area without needing any electricity.

Smart Design & Multi Skill

In addition to its elegant appearance, our model designed as a money counting machine that can produce solutions for every need with its ease of use and ease of mobile transportation has gained high customer satisfaction with its fast and accurate counting features.

Conjoined double, having half our model and discriminating counterfeit money, the first and only in Turkey.

Long Life Li-On Rechargeable Battery

Rechargeable long-life li-on battery Biene model, which saves the user from being connected to electricity.
The li-on battery has a high operating time of up to 180 minutes and has a 3-stage (H: High, M: Medium, L: Low) battery status charge indicator.

100% Fake Money Capture Feature

Mühlen Biene portable coin counting machine uses-Base-Coin ”Technology to detect 100% counterfeit money in all world currencies at the time of counting.

It is actively detecting counterfeit money with Intensified Purple Light (UV), Magnetic Crystal (MG), Magnetic Stripe (MT), Infrared Ray (IR) systems.

2 Dimension Feature (2D)

With the Biene model Mühlen, during the counting, it catches the coins that have the smallest size in the money which is the biggest in size and warns the user specially.

For example, if 20 TL is mixed during the counting of 100 TL banknotes, MÜHLEN Biene coin counting machine immediately distinguishes 20 TL banknotes and warns the user.

Portable and Compact Design

The Mühlen Biene coin counting machine, which you can easily carry with a carrying bag, is produced in a special way by minimizing the dimensions in order to provide ease of use.

This model, which has approximately the size of a novel book, stands out because it is more functional and useful than the larger competitor models.

Technical Specifications

  • ortable
  • Accurate counting of TL, USD, EUR, GBP
  • Understanding counterfeit of TL, USD, EURO, GBP
  • 180-minute operation with rechargeable Li-On battery
  • 100% counterfeit detection in all world currencies
  • Half, double, torn, sticky money capture feature
  • Automatic money recognition systems (UV + MG + MT + IR)
  • 2D system with different size banknote separation
  • Automatic start and stop technology
  • 3-digit counting, 3-digit stacking display
  • 3-stage battery status indicator
  • Accurate counting of 800 notes per minute
  • Warn user in abnormal situations like fake money
  • Plug-in operation with adapter system
  • Ability to work with in-car cigarette lighter adapter
  • Mixed and fixed stacking and inserting feature
  • Fast battery charging (6 ~ 8 hours)
  • Revised voice and text alert system
  • Easy to carry with carrying case
  • Cash drawer holder
  • Digital digit count display
  • Noise below 60 DesiBel
  • 25W power and 110 ~ 220V
  • 24 months guarenteed


  • Portable money counting machine
  • 180 minutes operating time with Li-On battery
  • Ability to count all world currencies without error
  • Tüm dünya paralarında sahte para yakalama
  • Electrical, In-car, with chargers
  • Easily portable and counts money in anywhere

Physical Properties

  • Net Weight: 2 kg
  • Gross weight: 2.5 kg
  • Dimensions of the box: 270X140X175 mm
  • Dimensions of the machine: 220X128X83 mm
[:tr]Para Sayma Makinesi[:en]Rechargeable / Battery Operated Mobile Banknote Counter[:de]Mobile Geldzählmaschine mit Akku/Batterie[:ar]ماكينة مهلان بيانا لعد النقود ببطارية قابلة للشحن [:]