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Mühlen Sucher 2


Professional Mixed Money Counting

Our MÜHLEN Sucher 2 coin counting machine model, which is produced by using high technology, can count the TL and EURO coins in a mixed way and gives the total amount and count result details. At the same time, TL EURO, USD, GBP, such as par Safe-Dec technology with 100% counterfeit catch.

Automatic Money Recognition & Zero Error Share

Equipped with advanced money recognition systems, the 2 models provide accurate counting at one time with zero error margin. The model, which has improved RGB and 3D value reading systems, recognizes the security measures used by central banks and reads the value of money accordingly.

Fast and Intensive Use

Designed to handle all kinds of density easily, the model is designed to count money all day long. It does not give unnecessary fake and suspicious money warnings compared to competitor models. It only warns the user in writing and audible by giving warnings on really fake money.


100% Counterfeit Money Capture Rate

Mühlen Sucher 2 model is capable of detecting counterfeit money at 100% thanks to the systems that can recognize counterfeit money such as MG, MT, UV, FL, IR, FL, DD and LS. It can detect even the best counterfeit money, even in the fastest counts. It does not give the user warning due to unnecessary suspicion during the counting.

Custom Count Options

The model has 3 different counting modes: mixed money counting, single value counting and flat counting.

In addition to counting TL or EURO mixed currencies, it also counts all world currencies such as GBP and USD in units and performs fraud checks.

Touch Keypad

The high-precision touch keypad, which has a longer life than normal keypads, easily detects the commands you want to give.

Equipped with illuminated keypad, the touch screen allows easy operation of the machine in any light, non-light environment.

Reporting & Printing

The model shows the details and total sum of the mixed coins in TL or EURO counted on the large blue LCD screen.

In addition to this, the MÜHLEN Printer II model with portable dimensions that can be purchased as an extra is able to print report details quickly with the help of a single button.

Technical Specifications

  • Ability to make mixed counts in TL and EURO currencies
  • To be able to read the value of TL and EURO currencies
  • Counting TL, EURO, USD and GBP in units
  • 100% false detection of TL, EURO, USD and GBP
  • UV, MG, MT, FL, IR, DD, LS and MTL counterfeit detectors
  • 8 layer detector system 100% counterfeit money detection rate
  • Test money from 27 different points for each currency
  • Accurate counting with Real-Count technology
  • False, half, double and audible and written warning
  • Clear count result at one time, without error
  • Accurate counting even in old and worn coins
  • Giving quantity and total amount with detailed reporting system
  • Safe-Dec technology, which prevents unnecessary error
  • User-friendly with large blue LCD display illuminated
  • 3D and RGB system to scan money in 3D
  • Value reading by recognizing central bank features
  • Fixed and mixed stacking with BAT “-, +” keypad
  • 3-step counting speed: 100/1200/1500 / Minute
  • Printer 2 model to get paper detail report
  • Easy top feed counting
  • Maximum 500 banknote feed input
  • Stacker with a maximum of 250 banknotes
  • Turkish menu and warning system
  • Option to print reports
  • 24 months warranty


  • Fully professional with top feed
  • Mixed count of TL and EURO coins
  • Capturing counterfeit of TL / EURO / USD / GBP currency
  • Easy operation with touch keypad
  • Display count detail and sum on screen
  • 100% Fake money capture rate

Physical Properties

  • Gross Weight: 7,5 Kg.
  • Net Weight: 6,5 Kg.
  • Carton Dimensions: 35 cm (W) x 23 cm (D) x 25 cm (Y)
  • Machine Dimensions: 29 cm (W) x 23 cm (D) x 25 cm (H)
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